Kensa Utilities, a Ground Source Heat Pump infrastructure asset company, is delighted to announce that they have achieved a remarkable feat by securing two prominent awards for their groundbreaking Heat the Streets project, which was part funded by the ERDF, in a week.

At the H&V News Awards, Kensa Utilities proudly accepted the coveted Heat Pump Project of the Year accolade alongside Coastline Housing. The Heat the Streets project, a testament to Kensa’s vision, offers a blueprint for decarbonising millions of homes across the UK, including flats and terraces. It recognises how the large-scale street-by-street rollout of Ground Source Heat Pumps can be achieved through its innovative Networked Heat Pump solution, the 21st-century equivalent to the gas network.

Judges said:

“Kensa have developed a technical and commercial model that makes budgeting a cheap and simple solution for occupiers and owners alike that can solve many of the conundrums in our cities, towns, and villages. The innovative, can-do, problem-solving approach impressed all the judges, making them a clear winner. The lessons learnt from this project will act as a benchmark for future schemes across UK.”

In another momentous win, Kensa Utilities secured the Best Home Energy Project title at the prestigious Fully Charged Awards in Amsterdam. Securing these accolades highlights the success of implementing a widespread deployment of Ground Source Heat Pumps through the groundbreaking Networked Heat Pump solution.

Wouter Thijssen, Managing Director of Kensa Utilities, comments: 

“These awards are a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion of the entire Kensa Utilities team. We are honoured to be recognised by industry leaders and peers for our commitment to sustainable heating solutions.”

By embracing renewable energy sources and implementing cutting-edge solutions, Kensa Utilities has set a new standard for environmentally conscious and economically viable heating projects. The ‘Heat the Streets’ initiative effectively decarbonised residential heating in new and existing homes throughout Cornwall. This was accomplished by linking Kensa’s highly efficient ground source heat pumps to Shared Ground Borehole Arrays, a pioneering approach involving drilling into the roads—a first in the UK.

As the demand for sustainable energy solutions rises, Kensa remains at the forefront of innovation, consistently delivering projects that meet and exceed industry standards.

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Earlier this year, the Heat the Streets project won the

Lighthouse Heat Pump Award at the European Heat Pump Association’s 2023 Heat Pump Awards,

as well as Green Heat Project of the Year at the BusinessGreen Awards


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