New course qualifies construction marketers in tackling greenwash

1st February 2023, Manchester, UK – A new ‘Net Zero Masterclass’ has been launched by content marketing agency, Hattrick, to help sales and marketing professionals in the built environment become more confident climate communicators. It is the first of its kind to be accredited by the Carbon Literacy Trust.

The training offering is part of the agency’s own commitment to tackle the climate challenge and reflects the rising demand – and scrutiny of – environmental claims across the industry.

The interactive and action-oriented course is designed to help businesses make sense of the science, jargon, acronyms and disinformation that are clouding sustainability claims. It is delivered as two half day sessions in small groups, with everyone leaving certified as Carbon Literate with a personal plan for how they are going to make a difference.

“The built environment is responsible for 39% of global energy related carbon emissions made up of operational emissions, energy needed to heat, cool and power buildings and from materials and construction. As the race to ‘net zero’ intensifies and customers are expecting ever more transparency, many sales and marketing professionals are worried about inadvertently greenwashing.” says Hattrick’s course facilitator and managing director, Malin Cunningham.

“There are so many acronyms and specialist terminology so it’s easy to get lost; what does ‘net zero’ really mean – and how is it different from ‘carbon neutral’? Why is it so important to stay as close to +1.5C degrees global warming – and how can such a small increase make such a big difference?

“According to the Chartered Institute of Marketing 40% of marketers do not have any qualifications in sustainability. I suspect that the figure is significantly higher – at a time when it’s more important than ever,” continued Malin.

Hattrick has delivered six cohorts since its launch in September 2022, training 41 individuals from 28 businesses including EarthShot Prize Finalists Low Carbon Materials, Amey, Tarkett and Cleveland Steel. Courses are running every month with the next session scheduled for Wednesday 22nd and Friday 24th February.

The Hattrick team – who are all certified Carbon Literate – also delivers the training inhouse and supports businesses with developing their own bespoke programme to deliver themselves.

For further information on Hattrick’s Carbon Literacy Course and to book your place visit


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