TRILUX Interior and Exterior Solution for Zamoyski Palace

TRILUX, a renowned leader in lighting solutions, is proud to announce its collaboration with the Zamoyski Palace in Warsaw, illuminating this rare architectural gem with cutting-edge lighting technology. The Zamoyski Palace, a neo-Renaissance masterpiece constructed between 1875 and 1877, is a testament to history, having survived the Second World War. Today, it serves as the prestigious headquarters for the Association of Polish Architects SARP.

When the Association sought a lighting partner for the extensive renovation of the palace’s underground areas and a newly created exhibition space, TRILUX emerged as the perfect ally. The historical significance of the building demanded exceptional lighting standards that seamlessly integrated with its grand architecture. Meeting this challenge head-on, TRILUX utilised LENTY track-mounted spotlights and linear luminaires with Lenticular lenses to achieve the perfect balance of energy efficiency, high-quality illumination, and architectural harmony.

The lighting solution provided by TRILUX offers low glare and an impressive colour rendering index (CRI>90), creating a pleasant ambience that accentuates the exhibits without straining visitors’ eyes. Tomasz Płuska, TRILUX Architecture Developer Manager, expressed his delight with the project’s success, stating, “The LENTY TRACK spotlights direct the light onto the exhibits, accentuating their character while bringing out the finest details in the shadows.”

The collaboration between TRILUX and SARP also transformed the basement area into an attractive exhibition space. Thanks to the technical lighting developments and thoughtful renovation, the space can now be flexibly used as a gallery for project exhibitions and SARP member meetings. The positive feedback from clients emphasises the unique atmosphere created by selecting the right LED luminaires and the superior quality of light. Agnieszka Kalinowska Soltysik, President of SARP and board member of APA Wojciechowski Architects, praised the exclusive design of the luminaires, which have now become attractive interior design elements.

Beyond the successful renovation project, TRILUX’s collaboration with SARP extended to a dazzling event. In May 2023, the Zamoyski Palace was the venue for the prestigious SARP 2023 Awards. TRILUX illuminated the palace garden for the event, showcasing its outdoor lighting range. Smart CONSTELA LED steles welcomed esteemed guests, featuring the integrated Gobo spotlight and demonstrating new possibilities of use. These were complemented by FACIELLA and SONNOS luminaires, collectively creating a magical atmosphere in the garden. Much like the award winners, the event received resounding applause, underscoring the significance of the Polish architectural scene.

TRILUX is honoured to have played a pivotal role in illuminating the Zamoyski Palace, preserving its historical charm while adding modern and sophisticated lighting solutions. The successful collaboration with SARP highlights TRILUX’s commitment to excellence in lighting design and its dedication to enhancing architectural spaces worldwide.

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