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The Queensland government has announced that seven prefabricated homes have been built at VOLO Modular at Yatala on the Gold Coast for delivery to Eidsvold this week.

According to a statement on Wednesday, the houses will be delivered by truck and as used as social housing.

VOLO will build 27 of the two-bedroom homes in total, with the first deliveries beginning this week.

VOLO’s Rick Bell said enquiries had doubled in the last six months as Queenslanders saw the benefits of modular homes, which included speed. He said they were put together in a quarter of the time taken for regular homes.

“Now we do the landscaping and build carports and those sorts of things, and the plan is that they should be ready to be occupied by Christmas,” he said.

The Queensland government had previously announced the work with VOLO as part of its affordable housing initiatives, calling the partnership a “first-of-its kind”.

One-hundred modular homes are being delivered by the end of the year through the Modern Methods of Construction program.

“These prefabricated homes are architecturally designed but take a fraction of the time it would take to build a home from the ground up, especially in regional communities,” said state housing minister Meaghan Scanlon.

“Modular homes are particularly beneficial for regional areas in Queensland, where construction can be challenging.”

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