FERRO, a premium range of door blanks from leading German manufacturer Moralt, is fast becoming a product of choice for the UK’s offsite developer community. 

Available from leading architectural materials distributor, James Latham, FERRO comprises some of the most robust blanks available on the market, with developers increasingly attracted by their ability to be worked into strong, stylish and long-lasting doors.  The blanks are made from top-quality natural and engineered timbers, with either paintable plywood, exterior MDF or decorative veneered plywood faces.  What sets FERRO apart is that each blank contains two thermally isolated solid steel stabilising bars in its core, helping to prevent bowing and warping (Moralt offers a 10 year anti-bowing and warping warranty), and making them ultra-secure; providing enhanced security benefits (RC 2 and RC 3 (Resistance class) to EN1627, and also UK PAS 24 / EN BS 6375).   Additionally, Moralt is committed to replace any FERRO door, free-of-charge, which warps more than 4mm during the warranty period, including fitting costs.

Ready For Any Application

The FERRO range is CE-certified and has been developed to meet contemporary specification requirements.  Starting with the standard Klassikplus, specifiers can choose from a wider range of enhanced blanks with increased thermal performance, soundproofing and fire resistant properties; or a combination of all these augmentations.

This includes:  • Akustik: possessing superior noise-absorbing qualities, to meet the most rigorous acoustic requirements and provide noise insulation of up to 43 dB
• FireSafe: external door blanks set a new level of standards for fire protection, incorporating the latest fire retardant technology
• Passiv: blanks consist of light, pressure-resistant, and thermally-insulating solid timber, adding to their energy-efficient performance
• FireSafe Passiv/FireSafe Akustik: goes even further, combining high levels of fire protection with the optimum levels of thermal efficiency or acoustic protection  An All-Round Performer

Perfect for any application, commercial or residential, the FERRO range delivers on every level.  Unlike many competing products it can be used to manufacture doors which are strong and robust and deliver maximum interior comfort through optimum airtightness, with a customisable finish for unrivalled visual appeal. This guarantees long-term value on every level.  It has also been designed with the growing offsite sector in mind, with a range of prefabricated door sets available from the manufacturer, produced to European and British official standards.  Simple to incorporate into modular wall cassettes, these framed sets can be easily worked and installed within a controlled setting, ready to plug and play, increasing consistency and efficiency.

Even better, all blanks in the range meet the UK’s newly introduced sustainability requirements for residential properties, ensuring developers and asset owners remain compliant with regulation.  Commenting on the introduction of FERRO in the UK, James Latham’s Group Door Manager, Steve Williams, says,


“FERRO is one of the most exciting architectural products currently available in the UK and Irish market, the perfect balance of style and substance. Its steel stabiliser ensures unparalleled structural durability, and security. This will reassure both residents and asset owners that their external doors will provide extra protection against the elements and intruders. Furthermore, developers will feel reassured that the thermal performance of the FERRO range will help them meet the revised Part L requirements, which become compulsory at the end of June 2023. Once again, Moralt has responded to its audience’s requirements with a product that goes above and beyond to meet almost any specification.”



When architects Scott Brownrigg were given a brief to create a new gateway to Cambridge Science Park they knew the building had to be impressive to attract the desired high tech and Research and Development companies.



The design features a colonnade sweeping across the front of the building echoing the curve of the spine road and a new public space. The column spacing guides occupants and visitors to the entrance – a GEZE Slimdrive SCR curved automatic sliding door.

The building has a BREEAM Excellent rating for its design so the Slimdrive SCR was the perfect complement. The circular entrance features two sets of automatic bi-parting curved glass sliding doors, creating a lobby that minimises heat loss or gain and so helps to contribute to the building’s environmental credentials

In addition the Slimdrive SCR automatic curved sliding door provides a light and airy all-glass lobby entrance which blends seamlessly into the façade and the large glass atrium, it combines high performance with unobtrusive operation.

Inside the operator’s deep canopy an integrated air curtain was installed to further minimise any heat loss and maintain the aesthetics of the building.

The Slimdrive SCR automatic operator also provides uninhibited access and so meets the demands of Part M, BS 8300 and EN 16005, whilst the access control system ensures security.

Recognising the outstanding design of the building, the Cambridge Science Park has been shortlisted for the 2023 British Council for Offices (BCO) Awards. The BCO’s primary objective is to define excellence in office space.


Ross Mcwatt, Associate Architect at Scott Brownrigg said

‘We have worked with GEZE several times, they have the same focus as we do in terms combining sustainability, accessibility and aesthetics.

Richard Richardson-Derry, National Specification Manager at GEZE UK added

‘This is an outstanding building, that meets many demands, we were delighted to play a part in creating an entrance and achieving the criteria of the brief.

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GEZE has launched Revo.PRIME a new premium solution for revolving doors. The new operator boasts an exceptionally low canopy height, narrow profile systems and an improved running performance.

Providing maximum transparency the Revo.PRIME is perfect for creating beautiful entrances and is especially suited for hotels and offices or any building where a statement entrance is required. With its class leading canopy height of just 75mm which houses the automation it ensures the minimal aesthetic whilst achieving excellent technical functionality. In addition the narrow profiles of just 60mm on the door leaf and side panel create a visually appealing entrance and increased transparency creating a light and airy entrance.


The Revo.PRIME is environmentally friendly as well, the operator saves up to 30 per cent in energy compared with its predecessor models which is achieved through the drive unit’s reduced power consumption.

Another benefit of the Revo.PRIME is its improved running performance. The brushless direct current motor (BLDC) with 1,000 Nm torque and the enlarged diameter of the door system, up to 3,800mm, ensures ease of access and meets the demands of today’s architects and designers.



Available in 3 or 4 leaf versions and in a choice of gold, silver and black the Revo.PRIME can be networked to building automation systems via BACnet.

Andy Howland, Sales and Marketing Director of GEZE UK, said

“The Revo.PRIME is an impressive edition to our range of automatic operators and one that is sure to delight architects and specifiers giving them the freedom to design stunning entrances.”

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One of Britain’s biggest and fastest-growing uPVC window and door manufacturers is proving its worth in partnership with a leading modular manufacturer.
Euramax Solutions, which manufacturers its products for modular and offsite construction companies across the UK, secured a three-year contract with Portakabin last October to supply 5,000 windows per year for its range of modular buildings.

Portakabin produces modular buildings for commercial offices, education and healthcare facilities as well as construction site accommodation.  It was Euramax Solutions’ development of a bespoke solution for Portakabin, however, that has really set the partnership apart.   From its headquarters in York, Portakabin was developing a new product, a portable building system specifically for Europe.   As part of the system, they wanted to develop a way of installing windows and doors around 175mm deep walls made up of insulation and external finishes either side. After approaching several companies about a solution, it was Euramax they chose.

The right solution – The Euramax Solutions team set about designing and developing a specialised clamping system that attaches to the Euramax window and door products so they can be clamped around the wall rather than fixed.

Nick Cowley, Euramax Solutions’ MD, explained: “As a new building it has some of the deepest walls yet used at 175mm. The problem with insulation and a steel  external finish as a wall structure is, while it’s very thermally efficient and as a panel is very strong, it’s not easy to screw into it to fix a window or door as it’s full of insulation in the middle.
“So, rather than fix through, the method is to clamp the windows and doors around the 175mm wall depth. As well as developing our specialised clamping system, we also developed bespoke extrusions, mouldings, and fixings to facilitate the installation.
“It was fantastic to be able to collaborate with Portakabin to develop the bespoke solution that has allowed them to meet their client expectations.
World class delivery – While the window and door solution has allowed Portakabin to solve a problem for customers, the delivery of the system from Euramax Solutions’ delivery method is also providing multiple efficiency benefits for Portakabin.

The products are delivered in bespoke stillages that are order and batch specific and arrive assigned to the specific module, which can be taken from the stillage straight to the production line. The stillages also protect the windows during transportation and minimise unnecessary packaging waste, further helping to streamline production processes for Portakabin.
“Our lineside delivery process from cradle to grave is in Euramax’s DNA. It’s not just about the product, it’s about the manufacturing, it’s about the logistics to deliver the product in specialised delivery stillages, for lineside delivery and installation with Portakabin,” said Nick.

“Once the products are made, they’re loaded onto crates here and then mechanically handled before it’s fixed to the module at Portakabin. They’re all fully glazed and operational for speedy installation using the specialist fixing systems, so no onsite glazing is required. It’s vital that our windows and doors contribute to the quick completion that Portakabin require.”
The perfect partnership – Ian Donal, Head of Supply Chain, Portakabin, said: “Euramax Solutions invested a lot of time and money into the design, development, and technical support for our new European product, and they had the insight into what we required.

“They have not only impressed with product design, but also with how the product is supplied to us. Modular builds are renowned for quick completion, and we can install Euramax Solutions’ products efficiently, so we don’t keep our clients waiting.

“Once our relationship got strong thanks to the European project, we wanted Euramax Solutions to help with the rest of our business. We are delighted with how the collaboration is progressing.”


60% of construction projects are not completed on time

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According to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), 60 per cent of construction projects are not completed on time. Modular builds can provide faster project completion, but what are the risks and benefits of this growing construction method? Here, Nick Cowley, managing director of window and door supplier to the offsite construction industry, Euramax, explains.

Reports suggest that modular construction can deliver projects 50 per cent faster than traditional construction while maintaining the same high quality. No surprises then, that the technique is considered the next mega trend in construction.

This enhanced completion time of modular construction has become vital for building classrooms, hospital wards and other facilities that requires immediate construction. In 2019, Europe’s tallest modular building, a block of housing apartments in Croydon, South London, was completed in just 35 weeks.



Controlled environment
Modular construction refers to building projects in which 60 to 90 per cent of a build is constructed offsite. Typically, inside a factory environment.

Constructing the build elsewhere means work can start simultaneously alongside preparation of the site. Assembling modules in a factory also means there is greater quality control — unlike a site environment, faults can be resolved before the modules are fixed to the larger construction. This saves remanufacturing time and produces a more accurate build.
Manufacturing in a controlled environment also means external factors, such as weather conditions, cannot interrupt the development. As site managers in Britain will attest to, nothing presses pause on a construction project like an unexpected downpour. For time-sensitive projects, minimising this risk is essential.

Securing trustworthy relationships
While modular construction is praised for its speed, these builds require extreme technical intricacy. Measurements must be exact to ensure modules can fix together seamlessly. A measurement slightly under or over the figures specified could mean the build is flawed, slowing down project completion. Suddenly, this speedy construction option isn’t so quick.
Establishing relationships with trusted suppliers and contractors is vital to ensure project predictability. There are many unreliable and dishonest professionals that will exploit construction’s need for quick project delivery, often leaving projects in the lurch — meaning work must be extended, or even abandoned.

Working with reliable companies for assistance on modular build projects can help to ensure that deadlines are met — and the same applies to features that are installed in the modules, such as windows and doors.

Euramax has 70 years of manufacturing experience of windows and doors for modular construction projects. In fact, Euramax is supplying its windows and doors to modular home manufacturer, Ilke Homes, for the production of 2,000 of its modular homes, demonstrating Euramax’s reliability for the modular build sector.

No matter how big or small a project — from hospitals to housing — extended completion times can cause problems. However, modular construction can ensure deadlines are met. With the BIS reporting 60 per cent of construction projects are not completed on time, modular construction methods could be increasingly looked upon to change this.
While it’s not possible to predict that a project will run smoothly, choosing reputable suppliers for modular construction projects can reduce delays, ensuring efficient completion and minimise the risk of any construction hiccups.

Euramax manufactures high quality windows and doors for modular buildings, here in the UK. More information on the company’s specialist expertise in this area can be found online.


The latest innovatons in window technology for specifiers

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John Duckworth, Deceuninck Head of Commercial Sales explores the role of suppliers in assisting in the design of commercial projects.

Although sometimes overlooked, windows and doors are a crucial part of the build process, providing natural light, ventilation, and architectural interest. And the latest innovations in window technology give developers and specifiers a choice of materials, styles and designs to choose from.
Coupled with advice and guidance from experienced window suppliers, the very best of this window technology works seamlessly with modern construction methods to create the right aesthetics, reduce installation time, and improve the building’s overall performance.

Products designed for commercial applications

Deceuninck is a leading window systems company with a thriving commercial business. Our windows and doors are engineered to create the perfect symmetry and balanced sightlines that translate into beautiful looks and performance, combined with outstanding security, energy efficiency and weather performance. Deceuninck’s flagship commercial 5000 window with Linktrusion™ technology is a popular choice with developers. Linktrusion offers the best attributes of aluminium and PVC-U in one system, combining pultruded glass-fibre with PVC-U for strong but light windows with slim sightlines and outstanding thermal efficiency. When used with Deceuninck’s Decoroc colour finishing system, it’s hard to distinguish it from aluminium in looks, touch or performance.



Commercial partnerships

Deceuninck has strong ties in the commercial and housebuilding sector, working with a number of prominent developers including Berkeley Group, Crest Nicholson, Countryside Properties, Weston Homes and Catalyst Housing. Product is just part of the offering. Our strength in the commercial sector comes from our ability to work with all parts of the supply chain and give advice in the early stages of product specification. Our commercial and technical teams and partner fabricators have extensive experience in off-site, modular and steel frame construction and we offer guidance on the interface of windows in modern construction methods, working with EPDM suppliers such as Tremco at specification stage. We work closely with developers, specifiers, fabricators and contractors to see the full picture of how windows work within the build, be it timber frame, steel frame or modular, to ensure products meet technical specifications and are correctly installed and perform effectively in the finished project.
A recent example of this close collaboration with supplier and client in providing a full design solution came in the Springfield Park development with Weston Homes. This was a complex development of over 300 apartments in one tower and three low storey blocks. It incorporated a concrete frame construction with the windows fitted on front of the frame in steel brackets, followed by EPDM shrouding. Deceuninck’s commercial and technical teams worked with window fabricator FastFrame to provide the technical information required for the interface and correct installation of the windows. Our Linktrusion 2500 Fully Reversible Window (FRW) in Decoroc Quartz Grey successfully broke the original specification for aluminium because it combined slim, contemporary profiles with outstanding thermal and acoustic performance. The development, close to roads, railways and the river Thames called for acoustic windows to minimise the impact of external noise and low U-Values to meet stringent energy requirements. Deceuninck’s FRW comfortably met these requirements with decibel reductions in the mid-40s and U-Values as low as 1.3 W/m2K.

Experts in modular developments
The Hinkley Point Worker Accommodation development was another technically demanding project in which 80% of the 1,400 windows were installed into pre-fabricated modules off-site. Working in partnership with fabricator Dempsey Dyer, Deceuninck’s technical team ensured our Tilt and Turn windows met the highest energy and weather requirements both off-site and in installation. Once assembled, the windows passed the most stringent CWCT water testing, normally only used for curtain walling. Deceuninck’s technical team worked with Dempsey Dyer to successfully cut the windows’ decibel rating down by RW35db to RW40db and RW43db, helping to minimise the impact of noise on workers to make a quieter, healthier environment.
More recently, Dempsey Dyer has started supplying Deceuninck’s 2500 series windows for university student accommodation. This modular construction project in conjunction with Bouygues will see the windows shipped to Morocco for installation in a modular factory, with further commissioning on site in the UK. Together with Dempsey Dyer, we’ve facilitated this project by giving advice on design, purge ventilation and interface detail. Dempsey Dyer is also sending a team to Morocco to train workers on effective modular installation. It’s an exciting project and we predict the strong trend for modular construction will continue to grow.
Call 01249 816 969 or the below website to see more commercial case studies and learn more about our commercial work. You can also download Deceuninck’s full product portfolio from the NBS National BIM Library at www.nationalbimlibrary.com/deceuninck-ltd.


As a new decade commences, professionals everywhere are seeking fresh inspiration for interiors, whether for commercial spaces or residential living. 

This desire for innovative performance and trend-setting designs is most notable when it comes to interior doors, whose influence upon a room can have a marked effect on the surrounding décor, lifting and invigorating adjacent space. Bringing clarity to this process is Vicaima, who have just launched their 2020 Interior Door Selector. Packed with ideas this brochure is an essential tool for every specifier.
Now an annual and eagerly anticipated event, the 2020 edition of the Vicaima Interior Door Selector has over 100 pages filled with doors and doorsets that suit a multitude of applications, tastes and budgets.  Its simple to navigate layout has been designed to make the selection process straightforward, with at a glance guides to form, function and fire, or indeed other desired performance criteria.  Every range also shows a simple Price Indicator, allowing easy comparison between potential options for that perfect specification.
New for 2020, Vicaima have introduced some pioneering products that are certain to gain wide appeal.  These include: Primed 2 Go, a revolutionary, polymer faced door for painting that requires no surface sanding or priming, saving time and money on site. Deep Textured Finish, creating the authentic touch of an open grain in a matt finish that can be applied to a selection of veneered and stained veneered doors
An extension to the Visual Sensation foil door range, introducing 4 new matt finishes and new horizontal grain options in both the Naturdor Stained and Dekordor SD Foil ranges.

Naturally, at Vicaima it’s not just about great design and trend setting aesthetics.  As specialists in performance products, Vicaima set the benchmark for fire certification, coupled with security and acoustic solutions.  With a growing market awareness of the needs of providing peace of mind when it comes to fire safety, specifiers gain confidence from a supplier like Vicaima, who achieved 54 minutes during recent MHCLG testing of their 30-minute door assemblies.  This coupled with Secure By Design approval and FSC environmental certification, makes Vicaima the obvious choice for demanding locations.

Download a copy of the 2020 Interior Door Selector today by visiting the Vicaima website.   Alternatively call 01793 532333 for further inspiration.


As part of its ongoing carbon neutral accreditation, XL Joinery, the market-leading supplier of doors and associated products, is supporting a variety of initiatives overseas, which will aid both the planet, as well as the local workers.

The first scheme receiving support from the leading door supplier, titled the Portel-Para Deforestation Project, prevents the loss of native forests in the Amazon. With plans to avert over 22 million tonnes of carbon emissions over the next 40 years, the initiative also employs and trains local villagers to monitor and conserve the timber reserves. This means that the scheme not only enables the deforestation project to be closely monitored but also provides work for the local residents.

Another contribution XL Joinery support is to the Mariposas Hydroelectric Power Project in Chile’s Talca province. This organisation recycles dirty water to generate electricity, replacing traditional coal or gas. Once again offering a skill and employment to local people with hefty annual CO2 emission reductions.

In addition to the overseas projects, XL Joinery is continuing to instil carbon footprint-reducing schemes closer to home. In its warehouse, 550 skylights are being replaced to provide natural daylight, as well as transitioning to electric vehicles on the warehouse floor. Other energy-saving measures are taking place throughout XL’s headquarters in a bid to reduce its carbon footprint, from production to delivery.

David Crossley, Continuous Improvement Manager at XL Joinery, commented: “We are so proud to be supporting these schemes that not only benefit the environment but also people living in smaller communities. As a committed organisation, we hold sustainability at the forefront of our business and we will continue to pave the way for sustainable business practices in the future.” 


For more information about XL Joinery, please visit: www.xljoinery.co.uk