Watts Industries UK is proud to introduce its latest range of advanced products offering unparalleled comfort, convenience, and reliability. Our new Watts electric underfloor heating range is backed by world-class design, manufacturing, and technical support.

With over 30 years of experience in the floor heating business, our electric underfloor heating range is designed and manufactured to the highest standards, making it suitable for new constructions and retrofit projects.

Our new range features three innovative key products: TapeMat®, WarmWire® and HeatMatrix™for electric underfloor heating. TapeMat® fits your floor plan and features an open weave design for easy, one-step mortar installation. WarmWire® has the flexibility to fit any floor plan at a cost-effective price and is ideal for installing under tile or stone in wet applications.

Our HeatMatrix™ uncoupling membrane enables fast, easy installation of WarmWire® under tile and stone. Press WarmWire® into the HeatMatrix™ channels at the selected spacing for a quick and easy installation. This innovative system also protects tile and stone from cracking by providing a stress control layer that isolates the surface from subfloor movement.

Please visit our website www.watts-electricufh.co.uk to explore our full range of products.

Ideal Heating Commercial has launched its next generation ECOMOD heat pumps, with natural refrigerant. The first to be released this year is the ECOMOD 290HT, with ECOMOD CO2 to follow.

The ECOMOD 290HT is a monobloc air source heat pump able to achieve high temperatures up to 75°C, whilst benefitting from an ultra-low global warming potential (GWP) of just three as a result of the use of R290 natural refrigerant. An ultra-low GWP is not only good for the planet, but also makes commercial sense as high GWP refrigerants become increasingly scarce and therefore more expensive.

Available in three chassis sizes and five outputs from 15kW through to 50kW, ECOMOD 290HT has been specifically designed for use in larger commercial buildings and can be used in cascade to achieve even higher outputs. This latest generation of heat pumps can also be installed alongside other Ideal Heating commercial solutions, such as the EVOMAX 2 and the IMAX XTRA 2 commercial condensing boilers, to build a low carbon hybrid heating system.

With its ability to achieve high temperatures up to 75°C, ECOMOD 290HT is ideal for Domestic Hot Water (DHW) applications and district heating systems. Furthermore, with potentially no need to upgrade radiators with the ECOMOD 290HT, it is a practical, cost-effective solution for retrofit installations.

ECOMOD 290HT comes with a high efficiency rating and high co-efficient of performance (CoP) rating of up to 4.94. The heat pumps also include an inverter-controlled compressor to accurately match the heat demand based on the specific requirements, further enhancing the efficiency of a building. ECOMOD 290HT heat pumps are quiet in operation, with noise levels as low as 64dB(A).

ECOMOD 290HT models all represent the output at Air 7°C and Water 35°C.

Chris Caton, Product Director – Commercial, at Ideal Heating, comments on the company’s move into natural refrigerants: “We have led the way in commercial heating by ensuring our heating products are at the forefront of technology, quality and design by delivering both high efficiency and low running costs. This latest, innovative addition to our ECOMOD heat pump range, featuring natural refrigerants with ultra-low GWP, will ensure our customers have the best and most advanced solutions for heating and hot water, while helping businesses in the UK on their journey to Net Zero.”

All ECOMOD 290HT heat pumps come with a five-year warranty when commissioned by Ideal Heating. Ideal Heating is the only manufacturer to offer a free of charge commissioning service across its full range of commercial ECOMOD heat pumps and condensing boilers, saving customers time and money, and ensuring appliances are correctly commissioned and operating.

Ideal Heating delivers commercial heating solutions that are at the forefront of technology and developed in line with the latest market trends and legislation. For more information visit: idealcommercialboilers.com/products/ecomod-290ht


Following a substantial investment via its Expert Academy team, Ideal Heating – Commercial Products has considerably expanded its commercial training courses for installers, and upgraded its Training Centres of Excellence that are the prime delivery method.

Ideal Heating training now covers the complete range of Ideal Heating commercial products. Popular existing training courses on commercial boilers, like the Evomax 2 or Imax Xtra 2, remain whilst new courses have been added addressing commercial heat pumps and Heat Interface Units.

The courses are delivered by dedicated Expert Academy training managers, whose extensive experience and qualifications across the heating and gas industries provide course attendees with invaluable insight and technical knowledge. A simple step-by-step approach is taken with each course, incorporating ample opportunity for hands-on learning to ensure all aspects of installing, commissioning, servicing, and fault finding can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Each course can be customised to ensure it meets the needs of individual installation and servicing companies.

The full range of courses are available in Ideal Heating’s BPEC approved and City & Guilds assessment Centres of Excellence at Bridgehead in Hull and Leeds, plus Ideal Heating’s Dalgety Bay facilities in Fife. These premises have been completely refurbished to convert them into state of the art training facilities, with Ideal Heating’s commercial products installed so attendees can get interactive, hands-on training. In addition to dedicated training centres, Ideal Heating has built a special mobile Evomax 2 boiler rig, to take training on the UK’s number one commercial boiler direct to customers’ sites.

A new 36 page Commercial Products Training Courses brochure has also been launched by Ideal Heating which provides a useful overview of all the different courses available. It details the content of each course, who should attend, duration, location and price; with the exception of BPEC and City & Guilds qualifications courses, Ideal Heating commercial training courses are provided free of cost.

Feedback on the training provided by Ideal Heating – Commercial products has been very positive, with consistent five out of five ratings achieved. Commenting on the Evomax 2 course he recently attendant, Nick Donohoe of York University said:

“Excellent course presentation, very informative, have learned how to program these boilers. Well done!”

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Capable of offsetting typically around 30% of the energy demands for water heating, solar thermal systems are ideal for organisations that rely on large amounts of domestic hot water (DHW).

For the existing buildings, 80% of which are still expected to be in use by 2050, the application of solar thermal pre-heat is a well-established means of reducing demands on prevalent gas-fired water heating helping to offset operational costs but actively cutting carbon emissions from the buildings. Commercial new builds or refurbishments, however, are either mandated or opting to shift to direct electricity are finding that move comes with a new financial burden as electricity remains substantially more expensive to operate than gas – currently by a factor of 3.8. Undisputed carbon and cost savings mean we are seeing a definite upswing in interest for new solar thermal systems with a ten-year return on investment being very achievable.

A correctly designed and sized system will consider the daily usage and peak demands. Its aim is to serve all peaks from storage, with the size of the peak determining the size of pre-heat. The recovery time for peaks is what ultimately determines the number of solar collectors a building requires. The design process also sizes usage with available space. A south-facing and unobstructed roof with an inclination of 30° from the horizontal is optimal, though by no means essential as modern solar collectors can be installed in a variety of permutations. Unsurprisingly, solar thermal collectors do suffer if the building is significantly shaded, in which case a commercial air source heat pump may be a preferred option to produce low-carbon heat.

Modular, high-performance flat plate collectors can be situated on or integrated into flat or sloped roofs, as well as mounted on a building’s façade. By far the most efficient way to heat water with solar energy, flat plate collectors offer a smaller footprint compared to equivalent solar photovoltaics (PV) for DHW. A typical 4 kW PV system requires approximately 16 panels covering 25m² of roof to match just three flat plate collectors covering just 6.6m² roof area. This makes solar thermal a prime choice when roof or facade space is limited.

Adveco collectors feature a copper meander absorber through which passes the solar fluid (glycol). The fluid transfers solar energy as heat to the system’s water via an indirect cylinder. To correctly manage solar fluid drain back technology should be applied to protect the fluid from overheating. This can ‘cook’ the fluid to a tar-like consistency causing permanent damage to the collector. As the name implies the solar fluid drains from the collector to a reservoir when not in use. Flat plate collectors with an integrated drain back module offer a more cost-effective (as there is no requirement for large solar storage) and more efficient (as there is no call to dump unused heat) approach. The technology has proven itself in the field with fluid changes required perhaps once in eight years, rather than the expected three.

For new build properties with electrical connection, the gas water heater is replaced with an electric boiler and cylinder to supply the afterheat which raises system temperatures to a necessary 60°C. This hybrid approach maximises the solar thermal input, typically offsetting 30% of the electrical demand, although it could be more depending on location. Adveco has simplified this hybrid approach by integrating a packaged FUSION E electric water heating system. This also gives the option of adding an electric immersion to the system as a backup for enhanced resiliency when assured water heating is a business-critical service. The all-electric solar thermal approach further reduces carbon associated with grid electric systems and aids in lowering operating costs.

This hybrid approach can be further extended with the inclusion of air source heat pumps to provide the initial pre-heat for the system. Operating at lower temperatures with the cold feed maximises the efficiency of the heat pump, reducing electrical operating costs and raising working flow temperatures from 10°C to 40°C. This is not hot enough for commercial applications, so the pre-heated water is then passed to the mid-solar thermal system. Essentially free to operate, the solar thermal system boosts the working flow temperatures from 40°C to at least 50°C. Although not operating at maximum potential, there is enough advantage gained from solar thermal to warrant the additional system complexity and capital investment. During summer months it is possible for the solar thermal system to deliver the necessary 60°C working flow for safe provision of commercial hot water. But to ensure safe, consistent, and necessary high operational temperatures, the water is passed to the FUSION electric water heater. Here final consistent water temperatures of up to 65°C are assured year round.

To date, Adveco has designed and supports more than 800 live solar thermal systems across the UK and such hybrid approaches are unavoidable if commercial projects seek a sensible, practical, and cost-effective path to low-carbon hot water.



Hamworthy Heating helps charity to lower operational costs and reduce carbon footprint


When Hull and East Yorkshire Centre for the Deaf needed a modern heating system to replace its existing boiler which was experiencing faults, Hamworthy Heating stepped in to provide the charity with the Stratton mk3 wall-hung condensing boiler, free of charge, to help the charity to achieve maximum savings.

To evaluate the heating requirements of Hull & East Yorkshire Centre for the Deaf, a site visit was commissioned free of charge by Tucker Mechanical and Electrical Building Services. With cost being a major consideration for the charity, Tucker Mechanical and Electrical Building Services decided that the Stratton mk3 wall-hung condensing boiler system with stainless steel heat exchanger would be was the best way forward, both for costs and carbon footprint reduction. in helping the charity reduce its carbon footprint and lower operational costs.

The selected model delivers an output of 70kW, a gross seasonal efficiency of 95.5% and features an integral sequence controller, 5:1 turndown and quiet operation. Accessories also supplied include two frame and header kits to increase the overall output of the boiler system up to 140kW, a plate heat exchanger, pressurisation unit and an expansion vessel.

Moving to the Stratton mk3 wall-hung system provides the building with a space-saving alternative to its previous floor-standing unit. Featuring a lightweight stainless-steel design and a compact footprint, the Stratton mk3 was installed on an internal frame. This allowed space to fit pump equipment and a plate heat exchanger for hydraulic separation to preserve the internal boiler components.

Tucker Mechanical and Electrical Building Services (formerly known as Neville Heating Ltd) has over 40 years of growth and experience in the mechanical and electrical services sector. Based in Hull, the company has a long and well-established relationship with Hamworthy Heating.


“As a company, we only align ourselves with reputable companies which offer quality products and Hamworthy has never let us down. Always on hand to provide valuable support and advice, the Hamworthy team is reliable, efficient and always a pleasure to work with”, comments Kevin Peacock, Tucker Mechanical and Electrical Building Services.


Following the upgrade, Hull and East Yorkshire Centre for the Deaf now benefits from a reliable and energy-efficient stainless steel boiler system which has enabled the charity to reduce its carbon footprint, lower fuel bills and achieve future maintenance and servicing savings.

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The next generation FUSION range from hot water specialists Adveco is a complete range of packaged electric and packaged renewable electric water heaters for commercial projects. FUSION is a modern, future-proof system that embraces electric water heating and the option to incorporate air source heat pumps (ASHP) to lower carbon emissions in line with government calls for net zero.

As an all-electric system, it uses familiar technology that is relatively simple and quick to install, cost-effective and reduces carbon emissions. With an increased heating capacity over first generation Adveco FUSION systems of up to 34 kW, the next generation of FUSION systems offers greater versatility for meeting domestic hot water (DHW) demands across a range of commercial properties. Projects with small to medium basin and sink-led hot water demands – such as cafes, restaurants offices or gyms – taller buildings with basement plant rooms and organisations that depend on 24/7 hot water provision for continuity of service all gain advantages from using FUSION.

The packaged format enables flexibility to specify from a range of cylinders, primary electrical heating, air source heat pumps for pre-heat, and immersions for back-up all supported by Adveco’s bespoke controls to ensure optimal, efficient operation.

FUSION cylinders (ATSI & ATST) come with dedicated mounting points for the ARDENT electric boiler, simplifying and reducing the chance of installation errors. By mounting the electric boiler directly to the cylinder FUSION is a more compact, space-saving option when specifying or having to refurbish an existing plant room. The cylinder connections and clean-out plate are all arranged on the front of the tank for easy access when connecting pre-built pipework with a choice of left- or right-hand side connection, and for regular maintenance. This arrangement also enables FUSION to be situated tightly into a corner, again maximising available space.

The use of the 9, 12 or 24 kW ARDENT electric boiler replaces the use of a single immersion for primary heating. ARDENT, with multiple immersions inside its sealed storage tank provides automatically balanced usage to prolong system life. The typical cause of immersion failure is the creation of limescale in hard water areas, production of which is accelerated by the higher heat intensity of electrical water heating. This is avoided in FUSION, as the ARDENT is used in a sealed ‘primary’ loop to an indirect coil in the system’s cylinder. The ARDENT electric boiler heats the same water continuously so there is only a small, finite amount of scale in the system which will not damage the elements, effectively eliminating damage to the immersions by limescale.
FUSION cylinders offer single (ATSI) and twin-coil (ATST) variants with capacities ranging from 200 to 500 litres.

Single coil cylinders (ASTI) are used for standard electric indirect water heating with an ARDENT electric boiler (FUSION-E), and the option of an immersion for resistive heating ‘directly’ to water in the cylinder (FUSION-Eplus). Dual-coil cylinders (ATST) enable the addition of a 6 or 10 kW FPi32 monobloc air to water heat pump. The ASHP is connected to the lower coil and supplies indirect pre-heat to the vessel, while ARDENT is connected to the upper coil to provide primary indirect heating (FUSION-T & FUSION-Tplus).

FUSION E systems come with a thermostat and overheat thermostat as standard, but for renewable variants featuring dual-coil ATST cylinders and ASHP, optimisation within the FUSION system comes from Adveco’s purpose-built FUSION Control Box. This smartly balances the two heat sources enabling the water in the cylinder to be heated in the most efficient way. The heat pump’s contribution is maximised, achieving a working pre-heat flow temperature of 50°C under UK weather conditions, even if the ambient air temperature drops as low as -25°C.
With the cylinder water pre-heated by the ASHP, the ARDENT boiler is not required to work as hard to raise flow temperatures to the 65°C demanded by commercial applications. Electrical demand on the boiler is reduced by as much as 30%, delivering operational savings and reducing carbon emissions by up to 71%. This variant is perfect for organisations seeking to invest in a water heating application as part of a decarbonisation strategy without losing sight of higher operational costs associated with all-electric systems compared to equivalent gas-fired water heating.

Where hot water demands become a business-critical service, such as in restaurants or GP’s surgeries, FUSION will also support the addition of an Adveco backup immersion providing additional resilience ensuring there is no single point of failure for assured service provision. When only used as an emergency heating source, or during periods of unplanned excess demand, the inclusion of an electric immersion can be extremely advantageous. For FUSION systems incorporating the additional backup immersion (FUSION-Eplus & FUSION-Tplus) controls are further extended to incorporate SMS output to advise building managers of a fault scenario and automated engagement of the immersion back-up to guarantee business-critical hot water supply.

For commercial organisations specifying a hot water system for new buildings faced with regulatory changes on new gas connections, or planning to move from existing gas-fired systems to electrical alternatives FUSION provides an impressive range of choice whether cost, sustainability or business security are the driving factors for specification.


ThermoSphere has launched an innovative electric underfloor heating cable that looks set to transform underfloor heating installation.

The ThermoSphere Membrane Heating Cable is the first, and only, underfloor heating cable to use TwistedTwin construction, and in-line hot-to-cold joint technology.

This is great news for installers as The unique construction removes the need to cut the membrane, insulation and flooring to install, dramatically simplifying the installation process. What’s more, the likelihood of cable failure due to mistakes at the joint is virtually eliminated. So, there’s far less risk of spoiling a tiled floor to fix a damaged cable.

ThermoSphere is a leading British-based electric heating manufacturer that has been using its technical expertise to drive innovation in electric heating for over 25 years. In its Membrane Heating Cable ThermoSphere has created a product that incorporates hot-to-cold joint connections in the primary manufacturing process. The result is invisible joints and a cable that is uniform in thickness from end-to-end. This removes the installer’s headache of making cavities to accommodate cold tail joints that are three times larger than in-line joints and can be a common point of failure.

For kitchen and bathroom installers working with tile and stone flooring, benefits include:

  • A simpler, one-step cable installation process to save time and effort.
  • No tools are required, installers only need to thumb-press the cable into place.
  • Eliminates the risk of damaging cables during installation as the unique cable construction removes the need to cut the membrane, insulation and flooring.
  • No leaks or costly repairs as the waterproofing layer of the decoupling membrane remains intact.
  • Faster delivery of quality workmanship through the automatically flush finish ready for tiling.
  • Compatibility with all membranes on the market, so installers can rely on the membrane that they are familiar with.


For more information on cable specifications, pricing and to order

   ThermoSphere’s new Membrane Heating Cable




Keston is pleased to announce the upgrade of its new Combi and System twin flue boiler range which features a sleek and compact design for simple installation, with enhanced user-friendly controls that deliver on optimal efficiency for buildings.


Lightweight and easy to install, the new and improved Combi 2 and System 2 models offer a versatile solution for new and replacement heating systems. Offering greater flexibility through the Keston twin flue system, boilers can be sited up to 27m from the flue outlet. This is an important consideration for long or difficult flue runs, particularly in terms of adhering to regulatory requirements, such as where boiler flue position regulations specify flues must be positioned a certain distance away from windows and doors.

Featuring a compact and aesthetically pleasing design, the latest range features a new larger and higher resolution colour screen and improved user interface including plain English full-text descriptions. Replacing the previous two-button feature, the latest range now includes four buttons for comprehensive menu navigation and the added ability to scroll back through the menu for time saving installation and servicing.

The new upgrade to the range also incorporates a selection of built-in features to increase energy efficiency. Featuring an intelligent pre-heat function that learns usage patterns based on 24-hour trends, building occupants can benefit from faster hot water whilst using less gas compared to a standard pre-heat function. Furthermore, for simple and easy heating and hot water management, the upgraded Combi 2 and System 2 boiler ranges are also compatible with Halo wireless thermostats for intelligent and smart control.

As with all models in the Keston boiler range, the latest additions can run on both natural gas or a 20% hydrogen blend, cost effective, reliable and ready for the future. to provide a cost-effective and reliable solution that is ready for the future.

With over ten years of British manufacturing excellence, Keston is an established player within the heating industry. Manufactured to the highest standard to deliver a reliable and high-performance heating solution to the domestic residential market, the latest range of Combi and System Twin Flue boilers are available with a market-leading warranty of up to seven years.

Keston by Ideal Heating is a Groupe Atlantic company


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First-of-its-kind jointless underfloor heating cable set to transform installation process


What: ThermoSphere’s Membrane Heating Cable is the first and only underfloor heating cable that uses TwistedTwin construction and in-line hot-to-cold technology.

Who: ThermoSphere, a leading British-based electrical heating manufacturer, has been using its technical expertise to drive innovation for over 25 years.

Why: Many faults occur around the cold tail joint of the heating cable because the joints, which are normally heat-shrink wrapped, are three times thicker than the cable. Installation of thicker cables requires installers to chase out concrete and cut into the membrane and insulation. This risks damaging the cables, joints, waterproofing layer barrier and reputation with customers. ThermoSphere’s new Membrane Heating Cable prevents the need to cut the membrane, insulation and flooring.

 How: ThermoSphere have incorporated the hot-to-cold joint connections into the primary manufacturing process, creating invisible joints and a cable that’s uniform in thickness from end-to-end. This drastically improves the installation process, with many benefits to the installer:

  • One-step cable installation saves time and effort, and speeds up and simplifies the installation process.
  • Stops cable failure by removing the number one fault in underfloor heating installations.
  • Preserves the waterproofing layer of the decoupling membrane.
  • Allows for quick quality workmanship with an automatically flush finish ready for tiling.
  • Compatible with all membranes on the market so installers can rely on trusted products.



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