Canadian construction companies are struggling with a lack of skilled labor, with around 90% reporting that it is affecting their ability to bid on projects and meet deadlines. To address this challenge, many believe that incorporating digital technologies and offsite construction can help reshape the industry. By using digital tools, construction companies can save time and money, reduce waste, and improve worker safety and productivity.

Wood prefabrication, which includes mass timber, panels, and volumetric modular construction, is gaining popularity due to its sustainability benefits and ongoing technical and market advancements. Although the Canadian mass timber industry is still developing compared to Europe, there is growing market awareness and acceptance driven by government support, research, and public-sector demand.

However, the transition to new construction methods is hindered by the skilled labor shortage in the construction sector. Despite consumer acceptance and government support, the industry is struggling to quickly adopt new technologies due to a lack of skilled workers.

In conclusion, off-site construction, particularly wood prefabrication, is seen as a potential solution to Canada’s affordable housing shortage and skilled labor challenges. By leveraging digital tools and innovative construction methods, the industry can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and meet the growing demand for housing in the country.

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