Lambeth Council, working closely with a leading youth homelessness charity, aims to broaden the housing landscape for young working people struggling to find affordable accommodation in the borough.

The council’s proposal involves a 60-year term lease agreement with Centrepoint to develop 18 units of high-quality, affordable homes, catering specifically to employed young people aged 18 to 24.

For years, the pathway for young individuals moving on from supported housing services has been fraught with challenges, leaving many in limbo for extended periods. Recognising the need for a sustainable solution, Lambeth Council has embarked on this innovative project that promises not just to provide working young people with a home, but to support them as they continue their housing journey. The proposed single occupancy units will not be homeless accommodation.

This initiative comes at no capital cost to the council and is expected to generate significant revenue savings by reducing the costs associated with Temporary Accommodation. The off-site constructed homes will occupy Charter’s Close in South-East London.

The site, disused for over a decade, presents an ideal opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of young people striving for independence and stability. The proposed homes, to be built with the financial backing of Centrepoint, will offer young residents a unique chance to live affordably, paying rent at only one-third of their annual salary. This model not only ensures affordability but also encourages savings for their future.

The selection of Charter’s Close for this project underscores Lambeth Council’s commitment to using unused land resourcefully, transforming it into vibrant living spaces for those in need. The off-site construction method promises efficiency and minimal disruption, with the potential for residents to move in by Winter 2025.

This partnership with Centrepoint highlights a proactive approach to addressing youth homelessness and the broader housing crisis, offering a replicable model for other councils facing similar challenges. This comes at a time when Centrepoint’s own research demonstrates that many private landlords are unwilling to rent to young people. The scheme embodies Lambeth Council’s dedication to supporting its younger residents, ensuring they have access to safe, affordable housing within the borough, close to their work, and support networks. Centrepoint will submit a formal planning application and as part of this process, local residents and stakeholders will be invited to take part in a consultation.

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