Make UK Modular has issued a response to the Built Environment Committee’s letter to the Secretary of State.

“This report is heartening and recognises the important role that Category 1 modular is already playing in solving Britain’s homes crisis, with global leading projects currently delivering thousands of homes. The Committee is right to point to a need for greater clarity around policy which, if it is got right, will ensure a stimulated market at a critical time for homeowners and renters alike. Unblocking the delivery of the 300,000 homes our country needs every year is key, and Category 1 modular can help deliver affordable homes which are economic to run in an ever-tightening labour market,” said Daniel Paterson, director of government affairs, Make UK Modular.

He added: “The current Future Homes Standard consultation aims to make sure all new homes are built to a higher standard from 2025. Make UK Modular encourages the government to use this as an opportunity to listen to innovators in the construction sector on the importance of high fabric standards as a critically important method of increasing sustainability in our future homes.”

“By doing so, the Government can develop a solid long-term strategy prioritising the most innovative forms of building that are already delivering tangible value for the UK while ensuring that innovators within industry do not face penalties for challenging outdated methods of working,” he concluded.

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