The design of the blocks is such that they require no mortar or adhesive

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The JUWO Evolved SmartWall™ Building System – thin joint masonry for the future

The Evolved Supplies JUWO Evolved SmartWall™ building system consists of a monolithic clay block system which gives a modern method of construction with thin joint adhesive technology.

The design of the blocks is such that they require no mortar or adhesive on the interlocking vertical joints. The fired, aerated clay blocks are manufactured to a tolerance of 1mm in height and come as a complete system that includes lintels, corner and shaped blocks, insulated mortar, adhesive and applicators.

These structural blocks have been used for many years across Europe and are suitable for load bearing and non-load bearing walls, for external & internal applications. They have full LABC approval and comply to BS EN 771-1 and carry the CE mark with an A1 fire rating, making them the ideal building system for low and high rise developments as well as for the self-builder.

SmartWall™ Benefits
• Excellent Thermal Performance.
•  Meets & Exceeds Building Regulation requirements.
• Quick Construction Time.
• Single solid wall construction.
• Modern Method of Construction
• Thin bed mortar technology
• Complete Building System.
• 85% less moisture in construction
• Completely Vapour permeable
• External Insulation to give that ‘tea cosy’ effect

Clay is possibly one of the most sustainable materials used in construction. It is a natural material that it easy to work with and provides a comfortable living environment.

SmartWall™ explained
The Smart Wall system delivers a much faster build time. The thin joint adhesive allows you to continually work without being restricted to the number of lifts in a day, on average, up to 40sqm can be achieved per person per day.

SmartWall™, being a monolithic building system, means that you have just one skin for your building structure, no cavity, therefore minimising areas for complicated detailing and areas for insulation to be missed.



With standard masonry systems, drying out can be problematic in the UK climate. The adhesive layer helps to reduce moisture in the building by over 85%, this, coupled with the faster build time, means that your building can be roofed and weathertight in a much shorter period of time.

The adhesive mortar comes as part of the SmartWall™ system & has been designed for use in temperatures from 0°C, so winter working is not a problem.

Efficiencies & Performance
The SmartWall™ building system has a superior thermal performance compared to other similar products, making it easy to achieve Building Regulation requirements without the need for additional wall insulation or increase in foundation size.

The thermal performance of SmartWall™, together with the density of the blocks, provide excellent thermal mass. Too many modern homes face the risk of summer overheating. The SmartWall™ system provides warmth in Winter and comfort in Summer. The clay will also regulate humidity levels within the home and it is recommended that a mineral plaster finish is applied directly to the blocks to maximise this performance.

Air tightness is achieved by applying a ‘parging’ coat of wet plaster to the inner face of the blocks. This is a standard method of achieving good air tightness and recommended by the Passivhaus Institute.

By applying a vapour open render finish to the external surface of the blocks, coupled with the mineral plaster inner finish, SmartWall™ provides a complete vapour open system. Thermal modelling shows that interstitial condensation will not form within the construction.

The SmartWall™ system provides a thermal bridge free method of construction without the need for complicated detailing.

Being manufactured from clay, the SmartWall™ blocks have an inherently good fire performance and have a rating of A1 reaction to fire.

The SmartWall™ System has been developed for anyone to use and Evolved Supplies can provide ‘on-site’ training, if requested.

For more information, visit the website or call 01691 707100.

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