Challenges from skills shortages around the globe, high levels of inflation and poor productivity has left the construction industry seeking new solutions and ways of working. Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) is a tool that, with the right consideration and intent, could help solve these delivery challenges.

Through the application of manufacturing processes and procedures, that challenge the traditional approach, a better balance can be achieved with greater standardisation and, where necessary, customisation to meet the specific unique requirements. By curating the ‘right mix’ of MMC, adopted with appropriate measurement frameworks, targeted benefits can be delivered to the ultimate customer.

Identification of this beneficiary will allow specific challenges to be mapped against MMC options to define a clear MMC strategy for clients.

This paper offers a framework for clients to evaluate and determine that right mix, with a common language that binds the adoption of MMC under an agreed set of principles and procedures. Through this delivery strategy, clients are better suited to ensure achievable target benefits following the implementation of their complex, capital programmes.



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