Long levity of the built environment has come into focus recently.  Some sites have an ongoing need to update their structure.  Schools with growing populations or hospitals where new treatments and technology are constantly changing the day-to-day operation are typical.  However, the environmental cost of demolition and rebuild means that alternative methods of site development has come to the fore.

Modern construction methods can minimise both the cost and environmental impact of sites that are in a constant state of flux.  The more infrastructure that can be retained and incorporated into the new structure the lower the environmental impact.
Many public buildings have recognised the flexibility and benefits of modular construction methods.  The short on-site construction periods are often beneficial.  However, sometimes it is the utilities that can impact on the developments’ timeline.


Water Services on Tap – The business benefit of plug and play systems

Traditional underground supply and metering is not only environmentally expensive but can impact negatively on the critical path of construction.  Imagine a situation where your services can be fully installed, with surface mounted meters allowing ‘plug and play’ style installation.  Not only does this take the water supply out of the critical path, but enables future site development, without the need for a new supply to be installed
With Groundbreaker water management system, you have that ‘plug and play’ option – no need to imagine.
The only system of its type, it is designed to be installed at any time during the construction period.  Fully compliant with Water Regulations, it provides an accessible, safe and secure location for the water meter and controls to a specific property.
The concept is simple.  Water services are connected to an externally mounted, pre-installed water service controls.  This allows flexibility in the management and scheduling of connection to the mains supply.  For modular build projects the pre-installation and certification of plumbing can facilitate early approval of water services to a plot.
There is no need for boundary boxes or underground meter housings.  This simplification of the connection allows for improved efficiency and reduces the time required for highway closures and cost of reinstatement.

Design out leak paths:

comply with Water & Construction Industry Guidelines comply with “Water Safe” initiatives
The unique location of the Groundbreaker water management system allows for an unjointed water supply, minimising the risk of developing future leaks.  Installation of Groundbreaker meets the best recommendations of Water UK and the Home Builders Federation1 and in some water company areas, such as Portsmouth Water, are now the standard required for all new properties.

Future proof properties

Water Metering is the future.  Utility companies have not been slow in recognising the benefits of a ‘Smart Buildings’.  The ability to interrogate and manage energy usage at any given time of day or night has been recognised as an effective way for organisations to reduce usage and manage costs.
Gas and electricity meters located on external building walls has enabled easy upgrades and introduction of countrywide ‘Smart Meter’ programme.  However, the traditional location of a water meter in a metal-covered hole in the public highway is not conducive to this new way of thinking. A ‘Smart Water Meter’ located in such a situation is exceedingly poor in transmitting a signal even to a local pick up.
The best location for a ‘Smart Water Meter’ is on an external property wall  – co-located with other utility meters. With Groundbreaker water management system, properties are future proofed to allow for easy installation of ‘Smart Water Meter’ technology as it is introduced across the UK.
Recent field trials of Groundbreaker have proven that the range of such meters can be over 3Km (2 miles).  The impact on data collection is massive.  The improved data transmission range could allow for single point data capture in towns the size of Norwich or Coventry.
This ability to link into ‘Smart’ Building Management systems also allows for organisations to monitor for exceptional usage and potentially identify maintenance issues or leaks.

Bringing Water Supply into the 21st century

If you are looking for a way to bring water services into the 21st century, Groundbreaker’s range of water supply management products can be the way forward for time and cost efficient installation and replacement of water supply and allow for future site redevelopment with minimal environmental cost.

CLICK HERE for futher information on the Groundbreaker water management system

CLICK HERE for further information from the Home Builders Federation Guide

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