Architects and specifiers can access a new CPD on selecting the correct render system for MMC solutions.


The CPD, titled Modern Render Systems for Framed Construction and Other MMC Solutions, has been created by Saint-Gobain Weber to help specifiers understand what they should be looking for from a technical perspective to ensure the render systems they choose deliver the required performance.

As well as covering fire safety and sustainability performance, the CPD provides an overview of common MMC options and the aesthetic considerations of these types of projects. It also details the practicalities of installing the render system as well as maintenance.

Kelvin Green, Senior Product Marketing Manager, said:

“Render is a popular finish and it’s important to understand the different options depending on the type of construction. With MMC being less carbon intensive, this CPD also explains how render makes a genuine contribution to sustainability goals as well as the health and well-being of the occupants of the building.”


Weber’s commitment to training is widely recognised in the construction industry. This new CPD joins a growing library of resources available to help understand the benefits of the type of systems and solutions that Weber’s technical teams can deliver to specifiers.

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