Actemium’s growth within the nuclear industry has meant additional responsibility, bringing new challenges and opportunities

The possibilities of rewarding careers within an exciting nuclear industry have never been greater, says Brian Berry, Actemium Design UK Business Unit General Manager.

Actemium is perpetually conscious of the necessity to adapt. Adaption to not only contribute to a safer, cleaner, energy-rich society but to make us the standard-bearers for such incentives and continue to promote ourselves as a rewarding organisation to join.

The developments within the nuclear industry and Actemium’s role in it are exciting. As such, we have long made conscientious efforts to attract graduates and apprentices into our industry and taken a closer look at how to progress the talent within our organisation to tap into potential — and now we’re seeing the results.

Everyone who has been welcomed into the business, whatever their role, should understand how vital a contribution they’re providing to Actemium as an important brand of VINCI Energies UK & RoI.

Exciting times for new technology and research

The recent disruption in the energy market hasn’t significantly impeded our sector of the nuclear industry. Actemium has predominantly focused on the area of decommissioning our nuclear legacy sites around the UK and assisting with the new-builds and power stations moving online. It has been, and remains, an exciting time for new technology and research in nuclear power.

There are the small and medium nuclear reactors that are being sited on former decommissioned lots and there have been ground-breaking breakthroughs on fusion technology in the UK which could make a significant contribution to energy in the future and consequently reflect very well upon the country and its standing in the energy industry. With the possibilities of developing nuclear power, hydrogen technologies and EV charging within the overall energy transition, Actemium is in the right place to capitalise on these opportunities.

However, looking at the wider picture, it raises issues that we need to confront. Actemium realises that the nuclear industry has not necessarily presented itself as the most attractive sector to be a part of, particularly with the lack of investment in promoting a more positive image and bolstering its legacy. The environment is, and should be, on everyone’s mind alongside the necessity towards mediating change.

A way to reach net zero

The UK’s commitment to go carbon zero by 2050 is an excellent motive but ambitious, meaning we collectively have just under three decades to reach that goal. It is a high target, but it is needed, and it is important to remember that with this progressive push arrives opportunity with emerging technologies and solutions in the nuclear sector.

Today, there is a major initiative within the energy industry towards nuclear power generation. Nuclear generation increased by 100 TWh to reach 2653 TWh in 2021, meeting 10% of the world’s electricity demand. According to the Nuclear Industry Association, the average capacity factor of the world’s operating nuclear reactor rose to 82.4% from 80.3%. There is an immediate power demand which is inevitably going to draw on existing stations reaching end-of-life.

There are new nuclear power generation sites being built at such locations as Hinkley Point C in Somerset and Sizewell Point C in Suffolk, but these types of projects typically take twenty years to come into fruition, so Actemium is also looking at alternative development methods – pre-built, pre-tested and pre-commissioned construction – to increase efficiency.

This is but just one example of us confronting the challenges within our industry. We have recruited, and will continue to recruit, by identifying unique talent and the individual contribution our prospective employees can each provide.

We sincerely want all our employees to look back on their Actemium trajectory with pride and look forward to their Actemium future with enthusiasm.

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