A NEW flood defence wall is just one of the projects being worked on at the Salisbury River Park currently.

The wall will go behind the recreation ground allotments once completed and is being built offsite and cast in units at a factory due to limited space onsite.

The wet weather may have caused some delays but many aspects of the project go ahead as planned.

Environmental agency, project lead, Andy Wallis said: “Although wet weather has delayed some of the work in the river channel, the Salisbury River Park project remains on schedule.”

The focus has been on the construction work which is designed to reduce the risk of flooding to more than 350 homes and businesses. This will be completed by the end of the year.

A new bridge for vehicles in the Central Car Park is also being built, and work on flood walls at Summerlock Stream and Fisherton Recreational Ground is underway.

The riverside habitat work for wildlife which will go alongside high-quality public spaces is due to be completed next spring.

Andy said:

The wet weather has encouraged some Salisbury residents to take up residence in the river park ahead of schedule.

“Tadpoles were found in shallow pools of water onsite. A school of tadpoles have now been moved to a pond at Sarum St Paul’s Primary School and the remaining tadpoles to other safer locations.”


Source: Salisbury Journal

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