With our pre-assembled solutions, you can save up to 60% of time spent on-site – not only saving you time but reducing labour costs.

Design process:
Firstly, we will learn more about the vision of your project, to help advise which product would be the most beneficial for your end goal. Our technical team will design a stack bespoke to your project and will provide detailed CAD drawings and 3D models of the stack arrangements for site approval. All of our products are BIM ready, our BIM Libraries are designed to aid the data transition, creating a leaner process that reduces design time. By providing small file sizes in the generic content, it will make it easier for early-stage specification in BIM. These ‘data-light’ files can then be overwritten with the full data specification libraries without issue, speeding up later stages of development that require more detailed plans.

We will then begin assembling your stacks which will be quality inspected & air tested in our Telford foundry. When each stack is fully assembled it is air pressure tested as standard to 0.5 bar for 5 minutes exceeding the requirements of BS EN 12056-2:2000, saving considerable on-site labour time. Lastly, each stack will be clearly labelled with the exact floor and relevant location reference to ensure a smooth installation process.


Delivery & Installation:
We will then work closely with our distribution partners to plan the delivery of your stacks around your project’s schedule to ensure you have everything you need, exactly when you need it.
We supply our stacks in purpose-made stillages designed to provide robust storage, keeping them secure and safe during transportation to the site. Our stillages are designed at a standard 1.75m length and 20kg weight, specifically designed for one-person handling allowing ease of movement around the site and halving the labour costs for installation. Being cast iron, our pipes will give you an element of flexibility on-site which can’t be achieved from any other material, as our pipes can be cut on-site, allowing for onsite variances and retrospective changes to the system.
Not only will our bespoke design minimise wastage, but our systems are made of 99% recycled material and are 100% recyclable without degrading cast irons’ robust properties – helping lower your project’s impact on the environment. Our systems are connected via mechanical couplings; therefore, if the building is repurposed before the product’s end of life (which has a design life of 70 years) the system can be altered retrospectively. Avoiding extra cost if the building is repurposed and minimising labour.  You can also receive an extended 10-year warranty by using our PAM Warranty app. When we manufacture your stacks, we will upload their air-test results to your project on the app. All we would need from you is simply an image of the installed stack to sign off the installation quality, and you are legible for our extended 10-year warranty.



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