As external cladding grows in popularity as a protective and aesthetic finish to building projects, so does the range of cladding options and materials on the market.

Simpson Strong-Tie’s EBC angle bracket for cladding has been designed to fix vertical battens directly to the supporting structure without the need for horizontal battens, creating a zone for insulation and/or ventilation between the wall and the cladding and reducing installation time, materials and cost.
Previously known as the ABC bracket, the versatile EBC bracket is suitable for cavities 50mm to 145mm and can be used on concrete, masonry and solid wood.

“Cladding can enhance the external look of any building, making it far more interesting and often more pleasing to the eye” explains Dean Orchard, Managing Director – Timber Engineering at Sydenhams, who provide exterior cladding solutions from leading manufacturers.
“We have used the EBC on numerous projects to successfully fix various types of cladding directly to timber frame, in fact it is quickly becoming our go-to angle bracket for cement fibre boards such as HardiePlank® Lap Cladding. We typically use the 160mm brackets as this works with a 50mm cavity and 102mm brickwork at ground floor when the cladding at first floor needs to sit proud of the brickwork below.

“It’s rare that suppliers listen to our needs and respond the way that Simpson Strong-Tie has.”
Simpson Strong-Tie Sales Director Jon Head agrees “Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do and our Technical Support team is on hand daily to answer your questions and provide sound installation advice, from making sure you have the most suitable product, to the best ways to go about installing them.
“We would recommend fastening the EBC cladding bracket to the timber battens with either the SSH Hexagon Head Connector Screw or the CSA Connector Screw, both available from our Premium Fasteners range.”

Simpson Strong-Tie’s Premium Fasteners range is a comprehensive collection of nails and screws for almost every application. Engineered to stand the test of time, and with a variety of geometries, threads, point types and coatings, as well as collated solutions, Simpson’s has considered all the details that help you deliver on the job performance.

UK Fastener Product Manager Jon Blunt explains “To us, structural connectors are more than just products. We see each one as representing a specific solution, and the same goes for our Premium Fasteners range. We manufacture screws, collated screws for Quik Drive, nails and collated nails with exceptional strength, precision engineered to meet any demand.

Whether you are fastening structural connectors, cladding, roofing, drywall or mezzanine floors and truck beds, you’ll find a handy Fastener Application Guide in our Premium Fasteners catalogue.”

Jon continues “We recently launched our unique new Impreg® coating system, which is the strongest alternative to stainless steel for use in outdoor environments and has been tested and approved for service class 3 timber applications where superior corrosion resistance is required. Our experience shows that most products can withstand the tough environments as long as the coating is intact.

Unfortunately, in real life the coating is very often damaged during the installation of the screw. The Impreg® coating however, is much stronger than regular zinc and creates a strong and impervious surface. Impreg® does not affect the hardened steel structure and can ensure that the tensile strength of the screw is sustained.”

The CSA Connector Screw is a no nonsense connector screw developed for installing Simpson Strong-Tie connectors to timber. The conical shape under the head ensures a full contact with the connector which increases the transfer of force. A fixed connection with larger cross-bearing capacity than for standard screws is obtained. The 6 lobe recess helps to drive the screw during insertion.

The CSA is also available in a collated option for the Quik Drive auto-feed system, which fits onto all leading screwguns with just a click. The CSA-T’s Type 17 point eliminates the need for pre drilling and reduces the risk of splitting the timber.

The SSH Hexagon Head Connector Screw Impreg®+ is used together with connectors where high load capability is required. The conical shape under the head ensures full contact with the connector, creating a firm assembly. The superior Impreg®+ coating makes the screw suitable for exterior use. The type 17 cut point prevents timber from splitting, and the milling thread and serrated thread reduce the insertion torque. SSH has both 6 lobe drive and a hexagonal head, enabling installation both with torx bits or hex wrench.

From the foundations up, Simpson Strong-Tie has every ‘No Equal’ solution to help you build safer, stronger structures, and to nail those finishing touches. Now available in new weather resistant Premium Fasteners packaging tough enough to endure the rigours of daily life on a building site.

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