Following a substantial investment via its Expert Academy team, Ideal Heating – Commercial Products has considerably expanded its commercial training courses for installers, and upgraded its Training Centres of Excellence that are the prime delivery method.

Ideal Heating training now covers the complete range of Ideal Heating commercial products. Popular existing training courses on commercial boilers, like the Evomax 2 or Imax Xtra 2, remain whilst new courses have been added addressing commercial heat pumps and Heat Interface Units.

The courses are delivered by dedicated Expert Academy training managers, whose extensive experience and qualifications across the heating and gas industries provide course attendees with invaluable insight and technical knowledge. A simple step-by-step approach is taken with each course, incorporating ample opportunity for hands-on learning to ensure all aspects of installing, commissioning, servicing, and fault finding can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Each course can be customised to ensure it meets the needs of individual installation and servicing companies.

The full range of courses are available in Ideal Heating’s BPEC approved and City & Guilds assessment Centres of Excellence at Bridgehead in Hull and Leeds, plus Ideal Heating’s Dalgety Bay facilities in Fife. These premises have been completely refurbished to convert them into state of the art training facilities, with Ideal Heating’s commercial products installed so attendees can get interactive, hands-on training. In addition to dedicated training centres, Ideal Heating has built a special mobile Evomax 2 boiler rig, to take training on the UK’s number one commercial boiler direct to customers’ sites.

A new 36 page Commercial Products Training Courses brochure has also been launched by Ideal Heating which provides a useful overview of all the different courses available. It details the content of each course, who should attend, duration, location and price; with the exception of BPEC and City & Guilds qualifications courses, Ideal Heating commercial training courses are provided free of cost.

Feedback on the training provided by Ideal Heating – Commercial products has been very positive, with consistent five out of five ratings achieved. Commenting on the Evomax 2 course he recently attendant, Nick Donohoe of York University said:

“Excellent course presentation, very informative, have learned how to program these boilers. Well done!”

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Hamworthy Heating helps charity to lower operational costs and reduce carbon footprint


When Hull and East Yorkshire Centre for the Deaf needed a modern heating system to replace its existing boiler which was experiencing faults, Hamworthy Heating stepped in to provide the charity with the Stratton mk3 wall-hung condensing boiler, free of charge, to help the charity to achieve maximum savings.

To evaluate the heating requirements of Hull & East Yorkshire Centre for the Deaf, a site visit was commissioned free of charge by Tucker Mechanical and Electrical Building Services. With cost being a major consideration for the charity, Tucker Mechanical and Electrical Building Services decided that the Stratton mk3 wall-hung condensing boiler system with stainless steel heat exchanger would be was the best way forward, both for costs and carbon footprint reduction. in helping the charity reduce its carbon footprint and lower operational costs.

The selected model delivers an output of 70kW, a gross seasonal efficiency of 95.5% and features an integral sequence controller, 5:1 turndown and quiet operation. Accessories also supplied include two frame and header kits to increase the overall output of the boiler system up to 140kW, a plate heat exchanger, pressurisation unit and an expansion vessel.

Moving to the Stratton mk3 wall-hung system provides the building with a space-saving alternative to its previous floor-standing unit. Featuring a lightweight stainless-steel design and a compact footprint, the Stratton mk3 was installed on an internal frame. This allowed space to fit pump equipment and a plate heat exchanger for hydraulic separation to preserve the internal boiler components.

Tucker Mechanical and Electrical Building Services (formerly known as Neville Heating Ltd) has over 40 years of growth and experience in the mechanical and electrical services sector. Based in Hull, the company has a long and well-established relationship with Hamworthy Heating.


“As a company, we only align ourselves with reputable companies which offer quality products and Hamworthy has never let us down. Always on hand to provide valuable support and advice, the Hamworthy team is reliable, efficient and always a pleasure to work with”, comments Kevin Peacock, Tucker Mechanical and Electrical Building Services.


Following the upgrade, Hull and East Yorkshire Centre for the Deaf now benefits from a reliable and energy-efficient stainless steel boiler system which has enabled the charity to reduce its carbon footprint, lower fuel bills and achieve future maintenance and servicing savings.

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Keston is pleased to announce the upgrade of its new Combi and System twin flue boiler range which features a sleek and compact design for simple installation, with enhanced user-friendly controls that deliver on optimal efficiency for buildings.


Lightweight and easy to install, the new and improved Combi 2 and System 2 models offer a versatile solution for new and replacement heating systems. Offering greater flexibility through the Keston twin flue system, boilers can be sited up to 27m from the flue outlet. This is an important consideration for long or difficult flue runs, particularly in terms of adhering to regulatory requirements, such as where boiler flue position regulations specify flues must be positioned a certain distance away from windows and doors.

Featuring a compact and aesthetically pleasing design, the latest range features a new larger and higher resolution colour screen and improved user interface including plain English full-text descriptions. Replacing the previous two-button feature, the latest range now includes four buttons for comprehensive menu navigation and the added ability to scroll back through the menu for time saving installation and servicing.

The new upgrade to the range also incorporates a selection of built-in features to increase energy efficiency. Featuring an intelligent pre-heat function that learns usage patterns based on 24-hour trends, building occupants can benefit from faster hot water whilst using less gas compared to a standard pre-heat function. Furthermore, for simple and easy heating and hot water management, the upgraded Combi 2 and System 2 boiler ranges are also compatible with Halo wireless thermostats for intelligent and smart control.

As with all models in the Keston boiler range, the latest additions can run on both natural gas or a 20% hydrogen blend, cost effective, reliable and ready for the future. to provide a cost-effective and reliable solution that is ready for the future.

With over ten years of British manufacturing excellence, Keston is an established player within the heating industry. Manufactured to the highest standard to deliver a reliable and high-performance heating solution to the domestic residential market, the latest range of Combi and System Twin Flue boilers are available with a market-leading warranty of up to seven years.

Keston by Ideal Heating is a Groupe Atlantic company


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