Modular and portable building specialist Wernick’s significant growth includes estate and factory investment, fleet expansion, and strategic acquisitions.

Fleet expansion
Investment in hire fleet exceeded £142m over the period which enabled the company to add more than 14,000 buildings and 4,000 generators across the three hire companies, Wernick Hire, Wernick Events, and Wernick Power Solutions. A significant proportion of these new products are industry leading in terms of energy performance, such as EPC A-rated cabins and modular, hybrid solar welfare units, Stage V generators, and battery storage units.

Estate investment
The Wernick Group owns all but one of the 34 sites which it operates from, providing the opportunity to create industry leading facilities through investment. Approximately £30m has been invested across the Group’s estate including freehold purchases and development works of existing and new sites. Key projects included the construction of a new head office, new depots in Hull and Ampthill, major redevelopment of depots in Bury St. Edmunds, Cheltenham, Dartford, Eggborough, Mansfield, Leeds, Lochgelly and Wickford, and additional production space at the factories in South Wales and York.

The company also made strategic acquisitions, investing £33m to acquire several companies and asset purchases including:

Interserve – asset purchase of portable building fleet
Adlington Welding Supplies Ltd – asset purchase of welfare fleet generators
Power-Rite (UK) Ltd – company acquisition
Robert Purvis Plant Hire Ltd – asset purchase of portable building fleet
AV Danzer Ltd – company acquisition
Portable Building Sales Ltd – company acquisition

These acquisitions added a total of 4,500 portable buildings and 1,500 generators to the company’s fleet, along with a manufacturing facility for anti-vandal buildings, an additional hire depot in Manchester, and a strengthened position in the refurbished modular sector.
Jonathan Wernick, Chief Executive Officer commented, “We firmly believe that investment is a core value, not just a business strategy. We understand that continuous investment in our products and business infrastructure is the key to securing a prosperous future, both for our company and for our customers. That’s why we’ve made significant investments in these areas, and we’ll continue to do so to fulfil our commitment to delivering the very best products and services to our customers”.

Net Zero by 2040
In 2022, a commitment was made to be net zero by 2040 and a carbon management plan was produced setting out a clear roadmap on how this would be achieved. The journey has already begun with investment in energy-saving initiatives such as the installation of solar panels at the factory in York, upgrading lighting to LED at various locations, installation of EV car chargers across the estate, replacement of various plant to full-electric alternatives, voltage optimisers for factories, and smart sockets for offices.

Future investment
Wernick Hire will continue to invest £2m per month in its hire fleet adding around 2,500 buildings. Wernick Power Solutions have £5m in capex available for the year, which will be invested in battery storage units, Stage V generators, fuel tanks, distribution panels, and load banks. The Group will also continue estate investment, including new depots in Dundee and Inverness, with major development works planned for Dunston, Aldridge, Cornwall, Manchester, and its factory in Langley Mill.



In this interview, Marsh Pullen, Capital Contracts Manager for the Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, explains the process of procuring a modular building from Wernick. This includes the benefits of the modular building method, the challenges of the project and the feedback from the end users.


“We required a new building to increase our elective bed capacity to assist with the backlog of elective surgical patients that the trust currently has.
A modular building was chosen primarily because of speed of deployment, but also because it complimented the space that we had on site and it minimized disruption and the build time on the actual hospital site.







We went out to the marketplace using the modular building framework and we had a specification of our requirements. Wernick were able to offer a very competitive package and they were a clear winner.
We raised an order with Wernick Buildings and 20 week later we were delivered a fully compliant, completed building. One week after that we were treating patients in it.
We asked Wernick to deliver a compliant ward. What they actually delivered was above and beyond that because although it is compliant it also aligns with our standard specification for mechanical and electrical items which means that our users, clinical users, are familiar right out the box of how all of the systems work.






We had some logistical challenges with the install which the Wernick build team were able to overcome. The ward is in a bit of a tight corner of the hospital. It also needed to marry in with the existing structure to allow patients to transit to and from the main building and it also had to be undertaken on the site of an acute care hospital which is at full capacity all of the time and the Wernick team were able to undertake the work with minimal disruption.
Wernick and the design team on the clinical side worked really, really well together. There was a lot of harmony. Whenever we had a problem it was overcome collectively – and that proactive attitude shows through on the outcome that we’ve got a successfully delivered ward within the timeframe.



The feedback from the end users is great. Everybody that’s looked at it so far absolutely loves it. It’s a 21st century ward with all of the mod cons and all of the elements that it requires to treat the patients we need it to.
Our experience of working with the Wernick build team is very professional, they said they could deliver us a ward on time, on budget and they have, and that speaks volumes.
I can’t speak highly enough, really, they’ve delivered us a fantastic ward which I’d put up against any ward in the UK for quality, speed of delivery, and affordability.”