On Tuesday 1 November 2022, the Time for Timber team handed out trees at Manchester Piccadilly train station to raise awareness of its latest campaign to promote the use of timber as a low-carbon building material.


The UK has set itself ambitious targets of reaching net zero by 2050, and if the carbon output of the construction industry is not addressed, this goal will not be met. As such, the use of structural timber represents our greatest opportunity for transitioning to a much more carbon efficient method of construction.


The purpose of the tree giveaway was to increase awareness through the media and the public, that by planting and growing more trees, further carbon can be captured and stored. The timing of the campaign could not be more appropriate, coinciding a mere week before the COP27 Climate Change conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, where countries from around the world are coming together once again to try and form a plan to tackle climate change.


Andrew Orriss of the STA said: “It was genuinely refreshing to chat with members of the general public and to hear how many support methods that strive to reverse the negative impacts of carbon intensive methods of construction. Real action must be taken now if we are to stand any chance of combatting climate change.”


Time for Timber’s overarching cause, which was explored through the tree giveaway, is to educate and promote the use of timber as a construction material as it presents itself as a truly vital solution to the ongoing climate crises. If the UK is to build more homes, schools and offices in a way that supports the UK’s commitment to net zero by 2050, timber must be utilised in an even greater capacity.


Andrew Orriss said: “The Housebuilding industry has an enormous task to pick up the volume, and perhaps this is where the supply chain can help to alleviate some of the pressure. Furthermore, MMC/Offsite allows us to pre-manufacture elements of the house building process, contributing 55% to quality and speed, which was confirmed by Homes England. This represents a quick and efficient way of meeting these ambitious targets.


There is a real risk that if immediate change isn’t implemented, the net zero goal for 2050 will not be met, and the adverse effects of climate change will continue to worsen.”


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