Hexagon Purus selected for hydrogen fuel cell project for construction equipment

Hexagon Purus will, for the first time, contribute to the development of zero-emissions equipment in the construction industry. Hexagon will deliver a 700 bar turn-key renewable hydrogen storage system for a demonstration project with a heavy equipment manufacturer to develop a fuel cell powered construction machine. The project will advance the understanding of the viability of hydrogen fuel cell power as a replacement for a traditional internal combustion engine to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

About the market

Unlike conventional diesel engine-based equipment, hydrogen-based electric construction equipment uses electricity produced through the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen as its power source, meaning that there are no emissions of toxic gases or greenhouse gases into the air.

“The construction sector is undergoing a number of changes that could have a far-reaching impact. In the future, homes, offices and large infrastructure projects could be built using this zero-emission equipment,” says Todd Sloan, EVP Hexagon Purus Systems. “We are excited to enter this segment. We believe in clean air everywhere and we look forward to further projects to enable zero emission technology in the construction industry”.



About Hexagon Purus
Hexagon Purus, a Hexagon Composites company, is a world leading provider of hydrogen type 4 high-pressure cylinders, battery packs and vehicle systems integration for fuel cell electric and battery electric vehicles. Hexagon Purus enables zero emission solutions for light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles, buses, ground storage, distribution, maritime, rail, aerospace and backup power solutions.

Learn more at www.hexagonpurus.com and follow @HexagonPurus on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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