Ibstock Plc (“Ibstock” or the “Group”) is embarking on the next stage of its major investment programme at its Nostell factory in West Yorkshire. Once fully operational, Ibstock will have the UK’s first fully automated brick slip manufacturing centre at the Nostell site, producing around 50 million brick slips per year.

As the leading brick manufacturer in the UK and with over 200 years of industry knowledge and expertise, the Group are increasing their presence in the fast-growing markets for brick slips, façades, and walling system solutions, as they continue work towards maximising the full potential of more modern methods of construction in the UK.

The new brick slips centre at Nostell is progressing in two key phases. Phase one is nearing completion and focuses on driving pace and scale of brick slips through automation using the first of its kind technology here in the UK. Phase two focuses on even more advanced technology which will significantly expand the brick slips product range and offering from 2025 onwards. The latter phase is a fundamental step in Ibstock’s journey to net zero.

The investment and innovation into the brick slips centre will not only continue to provide customers with a traditional authentic brick finish, but also enable a more modern installation approach. This will help meet the growing customer demand in mid-to-high rise new build and other key markets such as retrofit and the low rise modular offsite sector.

The Group will also continue to collaborate closely with developers and contractors on other new construction systems which will bring even more modern solutions and more carbon efficient building products to the supply chain, as well as influencing the design for manufacturing and assembly from early stages of conception.

Adam Foster, Project and Operations Director at Ibstock commented: “We are incredibly excited by what the development of our brick slips manufacturing centre at Nostell means for Ibstock as a whole – unleashing speed, scale, flexibility and precision in fast growing markets. The investment will increase our overall brick slip capacity by ten times more than what it is today, which is testament to our commitment to innovate for the construction industry.’’

“Not only do brick slips provide an authentic brick finish that will support planning applications, but also enable a more efficient installation for the targeted markets. Its light weight, promoting easier installation, manual handling, less waste in construction, as well as time efficiencies on construction sites.’’

‘‘The new manufacturing technology at Nostell also allows for more agile operations, with fast response times and lower minimum order quantities compared to current imported alternatives. Furthermore, the high precision and new process results in brick slips having a tighter tolerance for systems such as precast. The slips will be incredibly durable and safe from a combustibility perspective, meaning they can be specified with confidence across multiple system holders.’’

“For mid to high rise buildings, retrofit and low rise modular, using Ibstock brick slips can significantly streamline the specification process. We use a variety of materials to match regional styles nationwide, ensuring our slips can perfectly complement existing, handset bricks.

“Furthermore, the slips are available in a range of bespoke thicknesses, from 15mm and above, meaning they suit a wide variety of applications. The high precision manufacturing and rigorous quality process allows us to achieve unparalleled precision on dimensions for manufactured systems requiring a very tight tolerance.

“By scaling production capacity of our brick slips, we are enabling more key markets to take advantage of the inherent benefits they can deliver.’’


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