The Wee House Company Completes its First TapcoSlate-roofed, Modular 3 Bedroom Bespoke Home Build on Islay

The latest Wee House has just been completed, a bespoke 3-bedroom home measuring 94 square metres.

The owners of this gorgeous new property decided to relocate to the Hebridean Isle of Islay for their retirement after falling in love with the island following a trip there many years ago and tasked the Wee House Company to build an off-site, bespoke modular home that fitted all of their unique requirements.
The efficiencies gained through running site preparation and module construction concurrently meant that the build was completed within 16 weeks. The style of the house complements its very picturesque setting and is in-tune with the island’s surrounding architecture. The house has the proportions of a traditional cottage, clad in vertical larch with a TapcoSlate Classic composite slate roof and coloured front doors sit comfortably in the stunning, rural landscape with its background rolling hills and outlook to the sea; quiet, tranquil and calm. In terms of design, a lot of consideration was given to the owners’ island living, with larger-than-normal larder cupboards installed in the kitchen to store bulk supplies during winter months as well as generous storage for outdoor apparel in the porch area.
Although this Wee House looks traditional in appearance, as mentioned previously, it was actually produced as a modular unit under controlled factory conditions, thus enabling precision in all aspects of the build as well as allowing strict quality control throughout the process. Strict environmental performance criteria had to be met, this was achieved through a combination of high-quality insulation and better air tightness on the house build, as well as solar photovoltaic panels included as a renewable energy source.
Launched in 2013, The Wee House Company has been blazing a trail in modular house building for almost a decade. With a desire to make custom-build properties accessible anywhere in the UK, father and daughter Ian Hope and Jennifer Higgins joined forces to design, build and deliver homes quickly and cost effectively, all with a depth of construction experience that places them at the forefront of modular build innovations. Ian and Jennifer realised some time ago that modular construction has a number of benefits and is an ultra-efficient method of creating a custom home for a plot of land. By building 95% of the home in-factory, customers’ benefit from the economies of scale normally reserved for larger housing developments – which is no small cost-saving!
Modular build allows a home to be built much quicker than with traditional building methods. Wee Houses are completed to ceiling height, with kitchens, bathrooms, plumbing and electrics already fitted before they leave the factory – fully complete and ready to move in within 3 weeks of being delivered to site. As the single contractor responsible for all works from design through to completion, The Wee House Company is in a unique position to provide accurate, upfront costs for the entire project, from start to finish.

Tapco Roofing Products is proud to provide the choice of its flagship TapcoSlate Classic roofing product to customers and partner with such a unique and innovative company in the UK modular marketplace; and urge you to go check out The Wee House Company’s website for more images and completed bespoke modular housing projects



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