Prefab construction utilizes off-site manufacturing — a method that is far faster than the equivalent of the on-site building process.

This is due to the enclosed and controlled factory environment, the ability to coordinate and repeat activities, and an increasing level of automation. Also, while the building elements are being manufactured at the factory, foundation and prep work can take place simultaneously on-site, allowing progress to be made much more quickly than on a traditional building site.

Efficiencies in the manufacturing process need to be matched by efficiencies in the design process, this is where Vertex BD comes in.

Vertex BD uses a high level of automation to rapidly reduce the time spent in the design phase, whilst giving its users the flexibility to build the way they need.

Vertex BD is a BIM (Building Information Modeling) software which is your complete source of information for prefab and modular projects.

Vertex BD specialises in cold-formed steel and timber framing and we aim to offer our clients all the benefits from Vertex BD whilst fitting in with how they are currently operating.

Design time can be vastly reduced, accuracy increased and costly errors avoided.

Vertex BD uses digital automation to seamlessly translate information about a project across all disciplines within a project, so all the plans, schedules, material reports, shop drawings, and manufacturing data can be automatically generated and saved within the BIM model.


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