Wattie Milne, production director, and Callum Milne, managing director, at RADIX

A Scottish manufacturer and supplier of ground screws has claimed its new low carbon alternatives to concrete will revolutionise the construction industry.

Dundee-based RADIX has worked with a network of collaborators to create a ground screw alternative to concrete foundations which can be installed all-year round and in any weather conditions, in off-grid or hard-to-access areas, cutting out the process of excavation.

The company has appointed Essex-based Red Leaf Group as a distribution partner to supply ground screw foundations to clients across the UK.

Having built its early client-base around the garden room market – due to the huge increase in home working – RADIX is now scaling up to meet the needs of other sectors.

In the last 12 months, the company has supplied around 20,000 ground screws across the UK, providing foundations for holiday lodges, house extensions and modular homes.

RADIX is also in talks with a local authority considering swapping concrete for ground screws for a new social housing development project.

Callum Milne, managing director at RADIX, commented: “We are now seeing the demand from countless sectors over the country and, with years of technical knowhow and manufacturing expertise at our fingertips, are preparing to innovate further, allowing construction projects across the UK to up their game and build faster, with less mess, cost and disruption.”

Christian Alexander, chief executive at Red Leaf Group, said: “With sustainability, efficiency and ease of installation right at the heart of the products’ core benefits, ground screw foundations align perfectly with Red Leaf’s progressive and innovative business approach.”

RADIX launched in 2019 and has since moved into a new 3,000 sq ft premises in Dundee. It has more than 40,000 sq ft of office, manufacturing, warehouse and distribution centres.


Source: Insider.co.uk


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