On the face of it, Euramax’s 70mm uPVC window is not so different to any other. But as Nick Cowley, the company’s Managing Director explains, dig a little deeper and the reasons why it’s ideal for the modular market are obvious.

For uPVC window, door, and composite door manufacturer Euramax, moving into the modular sector was the next logical step.
From making its name in the holiday home and leisure market before expanding into the construction sector, the 70-year-old company is now gaining a reputation as the UK’s leading manufacturer of fenestration products to modular and offsite thanks to its 70mm Eurocell Eurologik window.
Which, on the surface, might seem like an idle boast. After all, according to Insight Data, the leading provider of marketing data in the UK fenestration and construction industries, around 1,200 fabricators are currently making uPVC windows.

“Just because you can fabricate a 70mm window system, it doesn’t mean that you have the logistics in place to deliver it in the way a modular construction firm wants,” says Nick Cowley, Euramax’s MD.
“Our window performs perfectly on the technical side of things, by providing great energy efficiency and being made to measure, but what really sets us apart is our service levels and delivery systems.”

As a result, Euramax is already working with some of the biggest names in the sector and, having been acquired by Modular Group Investments earlier this year, the company is set to become a big player in modular construction.

A streamlined process
Euramax’s history in the holiday home market has provided the company with both the tools and the expertise to move into modular.
To cope with a production process that was making several holiday homes every hour on multiple production lines, Euramax manufactured windows and supplied them pre-glazed with quick fix brackets to allow an entire holiday home to be installed in the time constraints.
And it’s this approach to lean manufacturing, influenced by highly efficient practices in the automotive sector, which has allowed Euramax to hit the ground running.
“Companies may be offering a similar product, but it’s the service level and the manufacturing processes we’ve put in place over the last 70 years that set us apart,” says Nick.
“That’s what has allowed us to help customers meet the challenges they continually face in the modular sector.”
“Our focus has always been on developing those systems to enable us to deliver better quality products, faster lead times, and an overall better customer experience.”
Once the windows have been manufactured at its 205,000 sq. ft factory in Barnsley, they are delivered in dedicated stillages across the country.

Meeting a demand
Lots of companies will deliver products in bulk, split across multiple boxes. When it comes to installation, that means all the components may not be there, or some may be broken or damaged, creating hold ups that modular companies can ill afford.
Euramax’s lineside delivery system means that everything is packaged together and in one place, making for an easy install.
“By its very nature, modular construction requires precision, and smooth, well-rehearsed processes. Interruptions have to be avoided at all costs,” Nick explains. “As a result, modular construction firms are demanding when it comes to service.
“They need products in a certain stillage, there has to be a certain number on the stillage, and the fixing kit has to be packaged with all the individual components that marry to that window installation, so the two never get separated.
“It takes a great deal of effort to package things reliably and accurately, and deliver them in a uniform way – which is something not all window companies can do.
“We see our role as a vital part of the modular process for our customers; from our production line to our delivery, we make the flow process smooth so when the time comes our windows can just be picked up and easily installed into modular buildings.
“We know how important it is to keep their production lines as simple as possible.”

An easy fix
Another thing that differentiates Euramax from many other window companies is the fixtures and fittings which enable their windows to be installed in modular buildings. Euramax’s fixing systems have been developed in house by the company’s R&D team.
Nick says: “This combination of an innovative fixing system, quality window systems and quick, efficient installation methods is a very attractive package for the modular sector.
“It’s what sets a Euramax window apart from a standard trade window – and what sets us apart from any other window producer.”

For more information on Euramax and its work in modular, visit the website or call 01226 361639.



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