If your eyes are settling on these words, you’re at least fascinated by timber constructions. Whether you are an established professional or an ambitious neophyte, the subjects of Rothoschool seminars will captivate your curiosity – and trigger your thirst for knowledge. 

Rothoschool is the educational branch of Rothoblaas, modern supplier of timber building materials, who skilfully engineers, professionally tests and carefully markets its own products since 1991. Timber passion brought the Italian company to launch a successful series of training events several years ago, becoming prime ambassador of timber promotion. Following the company’s mission to grow closer to the operational markets, the events are now being organized and held directly in the designated countries.


We love timber, but why?

As one of the first materials used by humankind, timber has influenced the development and evolution of our built environment. Over the centuries, carpenters and master craftsmen have developed ever more innovative, complex, and refined working techniques to construct with wood.
In the last two centuries, industrial, scientific, and technological developments have led to the rise and widespread use of structural materials like steel and reinforced concrete. These materials almost supplanted timber being used in construction, as they solved problems that timber technology was not ready to answer.
In the last few decades, the development of new timber technologies has given renewed momentum to the timber industry. Innovations include.

  •  Developments within the field of chemicals; this has created cost-effective, reliable, and environmentally friendly adhesives. This technology has led  to the creation of new innovative timber-based materials such as glulam, OSB, LVL, and CLT with previously unimaginable performance characteristics.
  • Innovations in the fields of automated mechanical, electronic and industrial production; this has allowed for the introduction of new processes for the automatic cutting of timber-based elements with unprecedented precision, accuracy, and complexity.
  • Scientific and technological research; has made it possible to fully understand the mechanical behaviour of timber as a material, enabling engineers and designers to take full advantage of its incredible potential.
  • Responsible and planned forestry methods; have proven how the raw material for timber construction can be provided sustainably. This can all be achieved by following strict environmental, social, and economic standards.

That’s why we strongly believe and support the development of the timber construction sector and that’s also why we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to share our know-how with Rothoschool’ seminars.

‘Rothoschool on tour’

The event for timber designers and builders comes to London on the 25th of May.


“Drawing nearer to the local consumers creates an open and favorable channel permitting a more concerned listen to their needs” says Eng. Stefano Muscoloni, Area Manager of Rothoblaas. “We have shaped the program of the Rothoschool on tour, keeping an eye onto the peculiarities of the beneficiary market itself”.


The one-day seminar in each city (London, Dublin in Ireland, and Reykjavik in Iceland) has a rich program of themes with different well-known speakers, with a lot of experience in timber constructions, local and international know-how. It aims to present the completeness of the latest trends for timber buildings. Eminent speakers of the industry, researchers, professors, and designers will cover the most fundamental aspects of the timber construction.
Innovative connectors and solutions for wooden buildings, not only guarantee structural resistance, speed of construction, but they are also studied for the acoustics, fire resistance and durability. Through acute theory and clever case studies, attendees to the seminar will get an exhaustive insight that can be further deepened during the round table and networking times.

Rothoblaas in the UK

Proud member of the leading timber authorities TRADA, TDCA and STA, Rothoblaas is trusted by UK customers since 2010.


“We have several agents across the British Isles, and we firmly believe in English economy” – states Muscoloni.   “We have created an opportunity for the UK to become an important player in the industry – continues Muscoloni. “Blending international know-how with the English potential, we hope to forge an ally in the timber development.”

Don’t miss the chance to get a boost to your career

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Peter Lang – Rothoblaas
Stefano Muscoloni – Rothoblaas
Matteo Andreottola – Rothoblaas
Marc Fuzellier – Acoustic Specialist
Ermanno Acler – HOLZPAK
Roland Maderebner – Innsbruck University
Joachim Schmid – ETH ZURICH
Alan Dowdall – Ramboll
Alastair Ogle – Waugh Thistleton Architects
Dr. Yutaka Goto – Chalmers University
Robert Hairstans – Napier University
Kelly Harrison – Whitby Wood


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