Uponor has supplied high performance multi-layered composite (MLC) piping to offsite building solutions specialist, Elements Europe, as part of the manufacture of 329-bathroom pods for the new Manchester city centre £60m Clayton Hotel development.

Situated in the prime location of Portland Street in the centre of Manchester, the luxurious four-star hotel replaced a 50-year-old office block and is now operated by the Dalata Hotel Group, Ireland’s largest hotel group which is currently expanding its presence into the UK.

Opting to manufacture bathroom pods offsite meant that the main phases of the hotel could be built rapidly. Uponor worked closely with the Elements Europe’s M&E manager and design team to engineer a new solution that required fewer fittings than a traditional system, maximising efficiencies by saving on both cost and installation time.

Uponor’s MLC (Multi-layer Composite) pipe system was used in the construction of the pods as it offers many installation benefits that were crucial for the fast delivery even of a hotel to this scale.

Consisting of an aluminium core layered inside and outside with temperature resistant polyethylene, the MLC system offers all the benefits of a traditional metal system, such as strength and form stability, combined with the best performance features of modern plastic polymers, such as corrosion resistance and flexibility. With such a wide range of fittings available, the MLC system offers the engineers complete design freedom so they can optimise the end product for their customers.

This unique seamless pipe construction means that the flexibility of the pipe is unmatched and bends were formed by hand, removing the need for elbow joints or additional fittings. By requiring minimal fittings and joints, MLC pipe helps to eliminate the risk of connection failures and leaks, which improves the integrity of the system. Adequate water pressure, as well as minimised risk of connection failures, are also critically important for taller more extensive structures, such as Clayton Hotel, that have demanding water requirements.


Paul Whittall, Territory Sales Manager at Uponor, said, “With a successful working relationship spanning 10 years, we were able to work closely with Elements Europe’s M&E manager and design team to engineer a solution that required fewer fittings than a traditional system, maximising efficiencies and saving on both cost and installation time. The MLC pipe was an essential part of the Elements Europe specification for the bathroom pods in this prestigious Clayton Hotel project due to its flexibility, speedy installation and superior insulation qualities.”

“Overall, our strong partnership with Elements Europe, combined with the meticulous offsite construction process, meant that installation ran smoothly, the project kept to timelines, and the high design and quality standards expected of the Clayton Hotel brand were maintained.”


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