As part of its ongoing carbon neutral accreditation, XL Joinery, the market-leading supplier of doors and associated products, is supporting a variety of initiatives overseas, which will aid both the planet, as well as the local workers.

The first scheme receiving support from the leading door supplier, titled the Portel-Para Deforestation Project, prevents the loss of native forests in the Amazon. With plans to avert over 22 million tonnes of carbon emissions over the next 40 years, the initiative also employs and trains local villagers to monitor and conserve the timber reserves. This means that the scheme not only enables the deforestation project to be closely monitored but also provides work for the local residents.

Another contribution XL Joinery support is to the Mariposas Hydroelectric Power Project in Chile’s Talca province. This organisation recycles dirty water to generate electricity, replacing traditional coal or gas. Once again offering a skill and employment to local people with hefty annual CO2 emission reductions.

In addition to the overseas projects, XL Joinery is continuing to instil carbon footprint-reducing schemes closer to home. In its warehouse, 550 skylights are being replaced to provide natural daylight, as well as transitioning to electric vehicles on the warehouse floor. Other energy-saving measures are taking place throughout XL’s headquarters in a bid to reduce its carbon footprint, from production to delivery.

David Crossley, Continuous Improvement Manager at XL Joinery, commented: “We are so proud to be supporting these schemes that not only benefit the environment but also people living in smaller communities. As a committed organisation, we hold sustainability at the forefront of our business and we will continue to pave the way for sustainable business practices in the future.” 


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