Secure, high quality construction depends on easy to use fastening solutions that are guaranteed to perform well in the long term. Nowhere is this more crucial than when attaching building elements to concrete where fasteners must be able to accommodate many different types of load and remain resistant to corrosion throughout their design-life.

Here is where construction fastener specialist EJOT UK is innovating to support the growth in MMC. Its newly extended range of concrete screws and through-bolts enables the safe, secure and rapid on-site assembly of offsite-produced elements with the assurance of European Technical Assessments (ETAs) and the backing of a globally experienced R&D team.

High corrosion resistance for lasting concrete attachments
Developed specifically to meet the needs of the UK market, EJOT has launched an ETA-approved fastener with enhanced corrosion resistance – the JC6-KB. This is a bi-metallic concrete screw manufactured in A4 316 stainless steel with hardened carbon steel lead threads.

As a result, the JC6-KB is suitable for outdoor Option 1 concrete applications approved for environmental classifications ranging from C1 up to C4, in accordance with BS EN 12944.

Its development reflects how the UK R&D team, supported by the EJOT Group team in Germany, is ideally positioned to ensure local customers have the right products they need to apply in the way they prefer. The overall EJOT product portfolio may be designed to suit a global market, but that does not mean UK customers have to adapt the way they work when choosing the EJOT brand.

In fact, the team in Sherburn-in-Elmet is proactively developing UK-focused fasteners that are gaining traction in overseas markets too, making a positive contribution to the global construction market. This benefits from the EJOT strength that brings together the best of British and German engineering – an internationally respected combination.
An expanded concrete screws range with new application potential

The JC6-KB’s development was in tandem with another major concrete screws advance by EJOT globally. Its new JC2 range of carbon steel concrete screws offers greatly extended scope for achieving a secure, reliable attachment for metal fixtures in Option 1 cracked, non-cracked and hollowcore concrete, as well as other hard base materials.
This enables JC2 self-tapping concrete screws to be used as an alternative to anchors or screw/nylon plug combinations in an increased range of construction applications. This could include attaching façade scaffolding, shelving and handrails to battens, cable racks and formwork.

Importantly, as these concrete screws need no expansion, they can be used closer to the edge of the concrete and at smaller spacings than when using anchors. They are also easy to use and install, with no specialist skills required, which can be a big time-saver on site.

Only a small pilot hole is required, which generates a relatively small amount of dust. Once this is removed from the hole, the screws are simply driven into place  – they offer a good degree of adjustability like a standard wood or metal screw which makes them a versatile choice.

The JC2 range offers six fastener types designed by EJOT’s R&D teams in both Germany and the UK to offer superior performance in-situ along with hassle-free installation. All provide the independent assurance of ETA approval and are tested to offer fire resistance to 120 minutes.

Upgrades to EJOT UK’s ETA approved through-bolt range
Whilst the new range of EJOT concrete screws offers greater versatility on-site, a through-bolt is still often the preferred attachment approach for a whole host of reasons.

Here is where EJOT UK has innovated further. Its range of ETA-approved through-bolts – also known as anchor bolts – is the BA Plus, providing a range of Option 1 anchors suitable for both cracked and non-cracked concrete applications.

It builds on the strengths of EJOT’s established BA range of torque-controlled expansion anchors, suitable for concrete and other hard base materials including natural stone. And the benefits are extensive, including being quicker to install, more secure in thinner concrete and a design that reduces the risk of installer error.
BA Plus provides through-bolts for all the most typical cracked and non-cracked concrete applications ≥ C20/25 up to the seismic Option 1 performance. Backed with the independent assurance of ETA approval, the range offers a dependable solution for numerous applications including steel structures, column base plates, heavy duty racking, cable racks, handrails and facades.

But BA Plus is not the only new through-bolt development by EJOT. Its UK team has also developed a new range of through-bolts for Option 7 non-cracked concrete applications, BA-C NC. This provides a class-leading anchor for many other applications including warehouse racking and stadium seating – again backed by the third party assurance of an ETA.

Find out more and access technical support

EJOT UK is a full manufacturing member of the CFA (Critical Fixings Association). Full details about the EJOT range of fastening systems for concrete are available on the below website, where new brochures for the various ranges can also be requested.

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