Swegon takes its first step towards using fossil-free steel

This week, Swegon presented its first product made from carbon dioxide-reduced steel – a GOLD RX – at the ISH trade fair in Frankfurt. The manufacture of steel consumes large amounts of both resources and energy. As ventilation units are primarily made of steel, there is considerable potential to reduce the carbon footprint of embodied carbon in production, by replacing traditional steel with steel that has a lower climate footprint.

In January, the first delivery of XCarb® RRP (recycled and renewably produced) Magnelis from thesteel manufacturer ArcelorMittal was received at Swegon’s Kvänum factory, where the companymanufactures ventilation units. According to ArcelorMittal, XCarb® RRP Magnelis has anapproximately 70% lower CO2 footprint than traditionally manufactured steel. XCarb® RRP ismainly produced from recycled steel and uses 100% renewable energy in the manufacturing process.

The first concept air handling unit has now been produced, and the plan is to gradually introducecarbon dioxide-reduced steel into ongoing production, starting during the second quarter of this year.

“We are delighted to now be phasing in carbon dioxide-reduced steel in our large ventilation units.We all have to contribute and reduce our climate footprint, and this transition is enabling us toreduce not only our own, but also our customers’ footprint,” says Robert Siverby, Supply ChainDirector at Swegon Group.

Swegon has, for a long time, focused on sustainability and on reducing the climate footprint in theproduction as well as the use phase of its products. Swegon was among the first in the industry todevelop EPDs (Environmental Product Declaration) for its products, and has a significant amount ofEPDs in its portfolio.

Based on the existing EPD for GOLD RX, size 12, the total Global Warming Potential (GWP) isexpected to be reduced by approximately 20% with the transition to XCarb® RRP Magnelis steel,given that all the steel is replaced. The introduction of XCarb® RRP is a first step in the company’sjourney towards fossil-free steel.



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