Passive fire protection specialist FSi has added the new UK mark of compliance to all its qualifying products more than two years ahead of the deadline – offering customers further assurance of its high standards.

Although the date for compliance has been pushed back to June 2025 for construction products as the UK transitions aways from the European CE scheme, FSi has already secured this for the majority of their range; including their Sealants (Pyrocoustic, Pyrolastic, PyroPro HPE and LST), Stopseal Batts, PipeBloc PCP Collars and PipeBloc PWP Wraps.

From June 2023, the company’s fire stopping products will be labelled bearing the UKCA mark. This follows successful technical assessments by a Government-approved body, following work within FSi to provide the comprehensive documentation and control processes required.

The UK Conformity Assessment (UKCA) mark has been introduced by the Government to show that manufactured products are fit for the market in Great Britain and meet relevant requirements relating to health, safety and the environment.

The CE mark was originally set to be replaced by UKCA on January 1, 2021, which was then pushed back to January 2022. However, for products used in the construction industry, which includes passive fire protection, the date was extended even further until June 30, 2025.

Based in Measham, in Leicestershire, FSi manufactures a range of fire stopping systems that are used in the envelope of a building to limit the spread of a fire. Fire stopping is a process of adequately sealing imperfections in the building, or breaches to walls or floors by penetrations or linear gaps to create a compartment.

Matt Metcalfe, Firestop Manager at FSi, said:


“FSi takes responsibility for the quality, safety and performance of its products at every level, and this means showing compliance and backing that up with technical data and proof of performance.

“In adding the UKCA mark of compliance to our products as early as possible we underline that commitment to standards, accountability and taking responsibility for the products that we manufacture.

“Compliance, testing and thorough documentation are second nature to us as a passive fire protection manufacturer and we will always go that extra step to show that we meet requirements, legislation and testing related to our products.

“The technical team worked hard to ensure that all the relevant documentation was in place to support the checks and testing required to achieve compliance.”

“As FSi manufactures products for the global market we understand the need for product confidence, particularly in fire protection products and are happy to have been able to show our compliance.”




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