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Porsche Consulting and ABB Robotics team up in construction sector

Porsche Consulting has signed an agreement with ABB Robotics aimed at using innovative technology to improve the manufacturing process of modular housing.

In many countries around the world, the construction sector is struggling to meet the demand for new homes. This is not just due to regulations around meeting environmental performance, but also due to shortages of labour, challenges around supply chain and the sourcing of materials, and growing costs making projects less feasible.

In Germany for instance, the country is forecast to have housing supply shortages in 35 of its cities by 2030, while in the United Kingdom, most major cities already face an acute housing shortage according to government data.

Against this backdrop, builders are investing heavily in new ways of building homes, including modular construction methods and factory-based production (as opposed to building on sites).


This is where the partnership between Porsche Consulting and ABB Robotics comes in. Focused at the intersection of the two domains, the two companies believe their joint capabilities can improve the efficiency of housing manufacturing, while making the process safe and more sustainable.

“We think there is a clear opportunity to transform the way homes are built by automating the process of manufacturing modular components,” said Marc Segura, President of ABB Robotics. “Greater, more intelligent automation is the answer to widespread labor shortages, and this collaboration will boost productivity, allow greater customization, and enable more sustainable and efficient construction practices.”


Eberhard Weiblen, Chairman of Porsche Consulting, added: “In combining ABB’s leading robotic solutions and Porsche Consulting’s knowledge in planning and running state-of-the-art factories, we want to help transform the construction industry.”

“Highly automated factories for buildings can deliver higher quality and more affordable housing. Factories also provide a safer and more hospitable working environment, as construction workers account for around 30% of workplace injuries and are four times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident in comparison to other sectors.”

“Building in a factory setting also will yield green improvements through the reduction in material wastage,” Weiblen continued.

Originating in the automotive industry under the mantle of iconic luxury car brand Porsche, Porsche Consulting is a leading management and digital consulting firm that today works across sectors. The firm has offices in Germany, Italy, France, China, Brazil, and the United States.

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