Timber construction is undergoing a remarkable transformation, evolving both in quantity and quality. Today, timber structures are reaching unprecedented heights, towering as authentic skyscrapers, surpassing 20 stories and nearly 100 meters in height. At the heart of these timber giants, you’ll find Rothoblaas screws, pioneering this evolution with innovative solutions that were once unimaginable. Their latest catalogue, “Screws for Timber and Terrace Joints,” presented to 70 Area Managers from over 50 countries on early September 2023, introduces larger and more advanced screws designed to meet the demands of imposing structures and leverage new materials and engineering solutions, enhancing the strength of future timber constructions.

Revolutionary Timber-to-Concrete Joint System: TC FUSION

As we push the boundaries of timber construction, a significant challenge arises in creating rigid floors capable of spanning large distances between load-bearing columns. Rothoblaas has addressed this challenge with the groundbreaking TC FUSION system. Previously, full-threaded screws for timber (VGS, VGZ, and RTR) have now received certification for concrete. This innovation involves applying these screws before concrete casting, resulting in incredibly rigid and infinitely scalable timber-cement-timber joints, directly on-site.

In response to the evolving complexity of construction sites, often involving concrete, metal, and various timber types, Rothoblaas’ new catalogue offers a wide array of screws tailored for hybrid structures, including timber-to-concrete, timber-to-metal, and hardwood-softwood connections.

Transforming Timber-Metal Relationships

The traditional relationship between timber and metal has also evolved. Metal, once primarily used for thin slabs in roofing, is now increasingly part of the load-bearing structure. The catalogue focuses on optimizing self-drilling screws for connecting timber to metal structures, timber-metal-timber structures, and metal-to-metal connections.

Considerable attention has been dedicated to addressing corrosion concerns, whether from environmental factors, metal-to-metal interactions, or wood species-specific corrosion. The catalogue introduces a diverse range of anti-corrosion materials, offering solutions that balance cost-effectiveness with extreme condition durability.

Embracing Lighter Timber Structures

Timber frame and wood truss construction, traditionally prevalent in North-Central Europe, North America, and Great Britain, are gaining popularity worldwide, including in Southern Europe. To accommodate these lighter structures, the catalogue introduces the TBS Frame and TBS Softwood families, along with new sizes of the VGZ and HBS screws.

Enhancing Screw Performance with 3


Rothoblaas has improved the performance of many of its screws with the implementation of the 3 THORNS tip, featuring raised slitting elements and an umbrella thread. This innovation ensures quick initial grip, easy installation, and reduced torsional stress on the screw while minimizing damage to the timber.

An Expanded Catalogue for a Changing Sector

The latest catalogue from Rothoblaas spans 420 pages, a 10% increase from its predecessor. It introduces 18 new screw families and 18 range extensions, totalling approximately 450 new product codes. These additions anticipate emerging trends in timber construction, bridging the gap between traditional distinctions like carpentry, structures, and exteriors. A single screw can now serve multiple purposes effectively.

Beyond the Catalogue

Rothoblaas is not only revolutionizing timber construction in its catalogue; it’s also advancing its production. A new Italian factory, inaugurated recently, further strengthens the development, production, and distribution of Rothoblaas screws and connectors. With design originating in South Tyrol, production taking place in Italy and around the world, and exports reaching every corner, Rothoblaas ensures quality with each screw, backed by a unique identification code guaranteeing supply chain traceability.
In addition to the catalogue, Rothoblaas presents the “Smartbook Timber Screws,” a concise volume of 70 pages that packs 700 words of knowledge. This compendium, drawing from 30 years of timber connection experience, covers essential topics such as timber corrosion, shrinkage, swelling, fire resistance, applications, materials, and proper installation. It’s a valuable contribution that Rothoblaas offers to the timber construction world.

In conclusion, Rothoblaas screws not only connect materials but also bridge entire worlds. Their latest catalogue represents the pinnacle of innovation in timber construction, pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in this dynamic industry.

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