Brett Martin was recognised for its innovation in sustainable technology and building materials. Brett Martin launched BioPlus, its first Bio-based Polycarbonate glazing product in May 2022, which replaces over 70% of the fossil-based material with bio-circular materials, mostly sourced from used cooking oils. The raw material production process reduces carbon emissions by 84% and Brett Martin extrudes the product with 100% renewable energy in a mass balanced process, certified by ISCC Plus.

The highly regarded RISE Awards take place annually, bringing together academia and industry to celebrate those who are making an impact on the way we build and live in the future with new sustainable technologies, products and initiatives. The awards showcase exemplar case studies from the built environment sharing emerging best practice in research, innovation, sustainability and enterprise for new and innovative products, technologies, processes, projects and schemes.

Brett Martin’s winning poster was titled ‘Delivering a lower carbon reality for sustainable construction’ and details how the company has taken actionable steps towards reducing carbon emissions and creating sustainable materials through its BioPlus range.

Brett Martin is pleased to have been recognised for its contributions towards sustainability within the built environment and strives to continually innovate to produce ecological practices for the industry.

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