HP’s SitePrint robot, which was launched in the US last year, is now being made available to customers in the UK and Ireland.

The SitePrint robot is available to customers in the UK and Ireland from 3 May, extending the Early Access Programme launched for customers in the US and Canada in September 2022. Commercial availability is expected for the SitePrint robot in North America later this summer.

SitePrint is a robotic solution that uses autonomous operation to print complex construction site layouts accurately and with consistent repeatability, improving the productivity of the site layout process. It also prints text, providing additional data from the digital model to the construction site, and has the ability to avoid obstacles.

HP describes the robot as light, and compact. The robot also comes with a touch screen tablet for remote control and configuration, as well as a selection of inks suitable for different surfaces, environmental conditions, and durability requirements.




Source: Construction Europe



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