JACKON by BEWI has two construction systems, the JACKODUR® Atlas insulated raft system and THERMOMUR® Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF), which integrates insulation materials into the concrete formwork, totally revolutionising the way a house is constructed. 




JACKON by BEWI Building Systems exceed the u-value targets of the latest Part L building regs. JACKON by BEWI’s THERMOMUR® 350 Super Block is one of the most energy efficient building systems currently available. It has a U-value of 0.15 straight out of the box, ahead of the required maximum of 0.16 U-value on external walls – part of the requirement that new homes emit 31% less CO2 under the Part L Building Regulations.

ICF constructions have been achieving the new targets for years in their basic configuration, with no “add-ons”, while other types of constructions have had to push their limits in terms of cavities, ties and expensive insulating material in order to achieve the existing levels of thermal performance.

JACKODUR® ATLAS uses XPS (extruded polystyrene) to create an insulated floor slab, while THERMOMUR® ICF uses EPS (moulded expanded polystyrene) to create the formwork. JACKON by BEWI has 60 years of expertise in manufacturing these products, which, in addition to the thermal efficiency benefits, also enable a house to be constructed more quickly and with less waste than other techniques.

The company also offers the market-leading JACKOBOARD® range of waterproof, weight-loading and thermally insulating construction boards for wetrooms and showers.  There is no need to tank wetrooms constructed using either with a waterproof membrane or a paint-on solution, because JACKOBOARD® is manufactured from 100% waterproof XPS. This saves the installer both time and money, since a separate tanking system is not required and only the joints where the boards meet need to be taped.