Worldwide voice alarm and safety communications specialist Vox Ignis has launched its new unified PAVA system, Unicorn Voice, after becoming the global first to recieve UL certification to EN54-16. This European standard specifies the requirements for voice alarm controls and other equipment used in fire detection and alarm systems.

Unicorn Voice is a powerful wall-mounted, scalable public address and voice alarm (PAVA) system for almost any site. It is designed to be the easiest to specify, install, and configure. It can grow from one panel to a fault-tolerant network of 64 multi-amplifier panels with up to 256 speaker circuits supporting over 163,000 speakers as per BS EN 5839-8.

Unicorn Voice is easily programmed and managed via integrated, intuitive touch screens or PC and offers a range of amplifier sizes and speaker taps that maximise power efficiency. Amplifiers can be hot-swapped, and Vox Ignis’ speaker range promises easy first-fix with plug-and-play installation. Unicorn Voice offers pre-recorded and live voice messaging, background music, integrated fire telephones, disabled refuge, fire alarm VADs, and assistance alarms, delivering one system for all the fire and life safety voice and alert systems required in modern sites.

Anthony Smith, managing director of Vox Ignis, said: “Unicorn Voice is the result of a £multi-million development project and 30 years of leading experience. It delivers a best-in-class feature set, a product that demystifies the voice alarm world and ensures the very best audio safety systems are available to the market.

“We are proud that this is the first product to have been tested and certified by UL to EN54-16, or any EN or UK standard. I’d like to thank the UK and USA UL teams for their contributions. Achieving UL certification is not easy, and that is why it is one of the most well-respected certification marks in the life safety industry.”

Karine Johnfroe, vice president and general manager of the UL Solutions Built Environment Group, said: “For 130 years, our organization has been integral to enabling fire and life safety technology advancements. Our pioneering safety science efforts and technical leadership in this area have empowered makers of fire safety equipment to help safeguard lives and property.

“We are honored to continue this work as a notified and approved body for the Construction Products Regulation to EN and UK standards, and we commend Vox Ignis for working to demonstrate their product’s compliance.”

Vox Ignis is a global specialist in voice alarm, emergency voice communication, and assistance call systems. Designed and manufactured in the UK and sold under the Vox Ignis and leading OEM brands worldwide, its products amplify the safety of millions of people and buildings every day.

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