Track the invisible and make Indoor Air Quality a priority with the IAQ multi-sensor


The IAQ multi-sensor from Siemens Smart Infrastructure offers a key contribution to room automation with a simple insight into room conditions that helps to prioritise indoor air quality and create a healthy and productive environment.

The sensor tracks seven key environmental factors in a single wall-mounted unit: fine dust (PM2.5), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon dioxide, relative humidity, temperature, light and noise (dBA). The IAQ offers the same level of accuracy as individual room sensors, with an intuitive colour indicator to identify air quality status. Transparency in air quality is further ensured through an easy-to-read LED display, with a simplistic design that offers clear and quick indication of air conditions. This simplicity is carried through to the touch-sensitive buttons which allow easy scrolling through the sensor’s parameters.

The unit assists building owners and operators in meeting a range of environmental building regulations and certification requirements including WELL, RESET, LBC, FITWEL and LEED.

In addition to monitoring the air quality, the noise sensor (no recording) can detect the number of people in a meeting room.

Studies have shown that poor ventilation can account for more than 50 percent of all sick leave with poor air quality also perceived to reduce work performance by over 9 percent. The IAQ is one of a range of products from Siemens designed to optimise indoor air quality which is some 2.5 times more polluted than typical outdoor air. This range also includes Connect Box, an open and easy-to-use IoT solution which manages small to medium-sized buildings and can be simply connected to operate with the IAQ via wireless or wired protocols (BACnet and LoRaWAN).

Ease of installation is ensured through the sensor being suitable for use with most commercially available recessed conduit boxes.

Working together, the IAQ multi-sensor and Connect Box offer a highly efficient monitoring solution to increase health and comfort in small to medium-sized buildings without the need of a BMS system.

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