Continuous development and enhancement are integral to our operational ethos. A significant aspect of this pursuit of excellence is our commitment to investment. Over the past 12 months, we have seen an incredible amount of growth within our Wernick Buildings factory in Kenfig, South Wales. Through substantial investments in factory machinery and comprehensive user training, we’ve taken substantial strides towards refining our daily operations and processes.

Each of our investments has been implemented to ensure that our modular buildings factory can operate at the highest level of efficiency. Supporting our staff’s daily workload whilst tackling the large demand of work.

New industry leading machinery

  • Our Howick Frama machine is one of our newest investments in the factory and it has enabled a revolutionary transformation within the Wernick Buildings factory, particularly in our modular construction processes. This advanced technology empowers us to meet the exacting demands of high-end modular construction whilst reducing material construction times.
  • The straddle carrier, which we nicknamed ‘Big Bird,’ provides us with the capability to efficiently transport, store, and hoist complete modules, facilitating the relocation of future accommodations.
  • We’ve made significant advancements in our operations, including the introduction of electric forklifts, enhancing both efficiency and sustainability. This addition to our fleet signifies our commitment to eco-friendly practices while streamlining internal logistics and contributing to reduced environmental impact.
  • A 5-axis CNC router offers a game-changing advantage to our construction factory. With absolute precision, it ensures accurate assembly, particularly vital for structural integrity. Its speed and efficiency reduce production time and cost, while material optimisation minimises waste and aligns with sustainability goals.
  • We have also extended the cantilever racking areas within the factory. These are ideal for maximising storage space by efficiently accommodating materials. Its accessibility and durability ensure quick and safe material retrieval, reducing accidents. The system’s adaptability allows for configuration changes as storage needs evolve, while its cost-effectiveness minimises additional storage space requirements and maintenance costs.
  • Utilising a MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) provides us with a safer, more efficient way to reach those challenging heights during the construction process. With its flexibility and precision, a MEWP streamlines our operations, ensuring that tasks at elevated levels are performed with utmost safety and productivity. This versatile equipment not only enhances our construction speed but also helps us maintain the highest standards of worker safety.
  • Furthermore, we’ve made a substantial investment in a fleet of state-of-the-art electric trucks, specially designed to facilitate the seamless movement of modules within our advanced factory facilities. These eco-friendly vehicles not only bolster our commitment to sustainability but also enhance the efficiency of our operations, ensuring that the entire manufacturing process remains environmentally conscious while maintaining optimal productivity levels. This strategic decision underscores our dedication to both innovation and environmentally responsible practices, safeguarding the future of modular construction.

At Wernick, our commitment to improvement goes beyond equipment upgrades; it extends to our most valuable asset – our team. We believe in personal growth and career advancement for our employees through individualised development plans. By nurturing our team’s skills and knowledge, we collectively enhance our capabilities and strengthen the foundation of our success.

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