James Hardie created fibre cement and thanks to our extensive research and development we are now on our seventh generation of fibre cement technology.  We are the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance Fibre Cement products, which are a composite material made of cement, reinforced with cellulose fibres.

We are a trusted innovator and global industry leader, and our products enable endless possibilities for designing exceptional buildings whilst also delivering protection and long-lasting beauty.

We produce a range of fibre cement cladding for residential and commercial projects such as

Hardie® Plank – our traditional lap plank
Hardie® VL Plank – a modern interlocking tongue and groove plank
Hardie® Panel – a large format façade panel
Hardie® Panel
A2 Fire-Rated Performance that’s affordable – with James Hardie, Its’s Possible™ 

If you’re looking for a high performance, A2 fire-rated façade, at an affordable price, Hardie® Panel is the right choice for your next project, whether it’s residential, commercial or recladding.

Why choose Hardie Panel?

A2 fire-rated (A2, s1-d0)
10-year warranty, covering paint, protecting against peeling, cracking and chipping
Available in 5 core colours, or can be colour matched to any RAL colour
The global leading manufacturer of fibre cement
BBA Certified


We understand the challenges faced when trying to find the right product to specify on upcoming projects.  We know that when it comes to cladding, an A2 fire-rating is the top of the priority list, to ensure that products are compliant and will most importantly, be safe for years to come.
With the need to meet updated UK Building Regulations, many high-rise buildings need to replace non-compliant cladding with a non-combustible product; Hardie® Panel is the perfect solution for both multi-family residential and commercial buildings.
Hardie® Panel is a non-combustible (A2, s1-d0) large format fibre cement façade that offers unlimited colour flexibility, at an affordable price.  It is available in 5 standard colours in a smooth texture and can be painted in any RAL colour without compromising fire safety.    It also comes with a 10-year warranty as standard covering paint, and due to our innovative technologies, it won’t peel, crack or chip.
Hardie® Panel can be used as a direct replacement for existing cladding on a range of buildings and can be trusted to protect against fire and extreme weather conditions, providing the strength and durability that your clients deserve.
Our dedicated team of Hardie® panel experts have extensive experience and specialist knowledge to support your project so get in touch to see how we can help you meet your project requirements.

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fermacell® – Fibre Gypsum Dry Lining Boards

What are fermacell® boards?

fermacell® Fibre Gypsum wall board is the perfect alternative for plasterboard and blockwork, providing low maintenance walls that offer design flexibility for now and in the future. The boards are produced from recycled gypsum, recycled cellulose fibres and recycled water.  They combine fire resistance, impact strength and acoustic insulation all in one, which reduces the need for multiple layers of board including reducing the need for combustible pattressing.

Why use fermacell®?

fermacell® offers the robustness with of blockwork with the speed of install of drywall saving your project time, money & space.

Reduces Carbon
Reduces project time
Reduces layers

It can be installed before the building is watertight which has a positive impact on program time allowing other trades to also start earlier.   Each linear metre has a dead load hanging capability of 150kg and 50kg from a single fixing making it perfect to support cupboards/TVs/pictures.  With 60mins of fire resistance and 54 dB Rw from just one layer either side of insulation & Fermacell metal studs it provides an excellent option to maximise floor space. Lastly, when used with fermacell® Fine Surface Treatment, paint can be applied just 45 minutes after the application.


To find out more, please visit www.fermacell.co.uk

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