Traditional materials such as cast iron drainage would perhaps not immediately spring to mind for “modern methods” of construction such as Pre-Assemblies and offsite construction, but Saint-Gobain PAM has proved that it’s time to change thinking about cast iron.

The new Pre-Assembly service promotes early collaboration at the design stage which is key to reap the benefits. The service offers 3D modeling, BIM, Pre- Assembly, full logistics support to and on-site, and post-installation review. The benefits mean there is less time changing designs, less construction time on site, more consistent quality, and ultimately this is one more step to making the building ready for use earlier.
Architects, designers, and specifiers are using better tools to developing projects, and Saint-Gobain PAM’s BIM models are designed to make it very easy to design the right system the first time and also give you the benefits of using the Pre-Assembly system.


CLICK to watch the video on the service and an overview of BIM


As an example: located at Hyde Park Corner, London, The Peninsula Hotel will bring a new level of distinction to the British luxury hospitality industry, catering to both hotel and local guests. Saint-Gobain PAM has been working in close partnership with Fitzpatrick Mechanical Services to maximize efficiency and use pre-fabricated stacks for this prestigious project. Using the construction plans they came up with many repeatable sections that can be fabricated at PAM’s Telford factory and shipped straight to the site for fast installation. Compared to a conventional installation, there is an estimated saving from using the pre-assembled solutions of about 60%.


CLICK to watch the animtion and see how this could work


Cast iron drainage is indeed proving to be an ideal solution for Modern Methods of Construction providing total flexibility, significant cost savings, excellent fire safety, the best acoustic performance, excellent sustainability credentials, and a long life span.

Saint-Gobain PAM has currently put together a range of over 40 stack arrangements in 100mm diameter as standard and will design bespoke ones to suit your project.

For more information please visit the WEBSITE  Telephone 01952 26259 or EMAIL the Technical Department




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